The Jazz Hole

Premiere DateFeb 8, 2015
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
02:30 Blues Closer Gene Harris Quartet
04:09 Greetings from Bodek Janke & Laura Robles
05:37 Schlapp in E Bodek Janke & Laura Robles
07:55 Greetings from Leo Genovese
08:07 Greetings from Cyrille Aimee
08:18 Greetings from Art Brown & Hardcoretet
08:37 Greetings from Tim Armacost
08:49 Greetings from Juan Andres Ospina
09:12 Greetings from Beat Kaestli
09:32 La haut sur la montagne Beat Kaestli
13:11 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
13:41 Greetings from Caleb Curtis & Walking Distance
13:51 The Following Caleb Curtis & Walking Distance
18:29 Greetings from Claude Diallo
18:48 Greetings from Chris Ward
18:55 Greetings from Mauricio Zottarelli
19:13 Greetings from Sharel Cassity
19:19 Greetings from Joe Hertenstein
19:38 Greetings from Javon Jackson
19:51 TJ Javon Jackson
27:11 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
28:23 Greetings from Victor Gutierrez
29:06 Greetings from Urs Wyrsch
29:18 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
29:33 Greetings from Ron Jackson
29:41 Samba De Queijo Ron Jackson & Burning Gums
34:53 Greetings from Elias Meister
35:04 Greetings from Alma Micic
35:14 Greetings from George Mel
35:36 Greetings from Carl Maraghi
35:45 Greetings from Banda Magda (Ignacio Hernandez, Andres Rotmistrovsky & Marcelo Woloski)
35:58 Greetings from Rale Micic
36:07 Dealin’ Rale Micic
42:35 Greetings from Gregorio Uribe
42:52 Greetings from Farah Siraj
43:00 Greetings from Adrian Mira
43:24 Greetings from Cedric Hanriot
43:46 Greetings from Andrei Matorin
44:26 Greetings from Helen Sung
44:35 H Town (for Houston, TX) - Helen Sung
47:33 Greetings from Misha Piatigorsky
47:50 Greetings from Alex Terrier
48:17 Greetings from Mike Fahie
48:29 Greetings from Harvie S
48:44 Greetings from Hiromi Suda
48:54 Greetings from Pablo Voegtli & Japrazz
49:09 Greetings from Jowee Omicil
49:30 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
49:40 Ti Amo (Italia) Jowee Omicil
53:07 Greetings from Melissa Aldana
53:22 Greetings from Rubens de La Corte
53:47 Greetings from Eliane Amherd
53:56 Greetings from Andres Rotmistrovsky
54:07 Greetings from Uri Gurvich
54:24 Greetings from Rob Duguay
54:36 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
54:43 Pay Me My Money Scotty Barnhart (featuring Clark Terry)
58:12 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
58:38 Greetings from Jojo Mayer
58:49 Greetings from Rob Mosher
58:58 Greetings from Jean Michel Pilc
59:59 Greetings from Daniel Ori
60:19 Greetings from Rodrigo Bonelli
60:36 Greetings from Violette & Manami Morita
60:54 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
61:30 Greetings from Ben Powell
61:53 Swingin’ For Stephane Ben Powell
66:54 Finish

The Jazz Hole with Linus turns 6 today! For the beginning of Linus’ 7th year at BreakThru Radio, enjoy some music and a whole lot of greetings by about 50 jazz artists.

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Links to today’s artists (excluding greeters):

Bodek Janke & Laura Robles – Schlapp in E
Bodek Janke (d) and Laura Robles (b)

Beat Kaestli – La haut sur la montagne
Album: Collage
Beat Kaestli (voc), Jesse Lewis (g), Vitor Goncalves (acc), Matt Wigton (b), Fred Kennedy (d) and Elisabeth Lohninger (bck voc)

Caleb Curtis & Walking Distance – The Following
Album: Neighborhood
Caleb Curtis (as), Kenny Pexton (ts), Adam Coté (b) and Shawn Baltazor (d)

Javon Jackson – TJ
Album: Javon Jackson with guest Les McCann – Lucky 13
Javon Jackson (ts), Joel Holmes (p), Corcoran Holt (b) and McClenty Hunter (d)

Ron Jackson & Burning Gums – Samba De Queijo
Album: Burning Gums
Ron Jackson (g), Norbert Marius (b) and Hiroyuki Matsuura (d, perc)

Rale Micic – Dealin’
Album: 3
Rale Micic (g), Scott Colley (b) and Gregory Hutchinson (d)

Helen Sung – H-Town (for Houston, TX)
Album: Helenistique
Helen Sung (p), Derrick Hodge (b) and Lewis Nash (d)

Jowee Omicil – Ti Amo (Italia)
Album: Naked
Jowee Omicil (cl) and Jeffrey Deen (tabla, halo)

Scotty Barnhart (featuring Clark Terry) – Pay Me My Money
Album: Say It Plain
Scotty Barnhart (tp), Bill Peterson (p), Rick Lollar (g), Rodney Jordan (b), Leon Anderson, Jr. (d) and Clark Terry (tp left, voc)

Ben Powell – Swingin’ For Stephane
Album: New Street
Ben Powell (violin), Tadataka Unno (p), Aaron Darrell (b) and Devin Drobka (d)

Beat Kaestli
February 23rd 2015, Zinc Bar – New York, NY
March 5th 2015, Brooklyn Public Library – Brooklyn, NY
March 18th 2015, Panama City, Panama
March 19th 2015, O’Neill Theater – San Jose, Costa Rica
March 20th 2015, Swiss Embassy – San Jose, Costa Rica
March 24th 2015, Jazz Vocal Workshop – Managua, Nicaragua
March 25th 2015, Managua, Nicaragua
April 23rd 2015, Live CV – Luebeck, Germany
April 24th 2015, Capio Klinik – Hilden, Germany
April 26th 2015, B Flat – Berlin, Germany
April 27th 2015, Narodni dum – Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic
April 28th 2015, Skoda auto muzeum – Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic
April 29th 2015, U bilyho cernocha – Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic
April 30th 2015, Reduta – Praha, Czech Republic
May 1st 2015, Malacky, Slovakia
May 2nd 2015, Martin, Slovakia
May 3rd 2015, Zelenacova sopa – Zlin, Czech Republic
May 4th 2015, Cafe Evzen – Opava, Czech Republic
May 5th 2015, Stara pekarna – Brno, Czech Republic
May 6th 2015, Hotel AGH – Roznov pod Radhostem, Czech Republic
May 7th 2015, JazzDock – Praha, Czech Republic
May 8th 2015, Klubkino – Cernosice, Czech Republic
May 9th 2015, B1 & C1 – Voecklabruck, Austria
May 10th 2015, Bruckmuehle – Pregarten, Austria
May 11th 2015, Jazzclub – Abensberg, Germany
May 12th 2015, Schlachthof – Wels, Austria
May 13th 2015, Le Pirate – Rosenheim, Germany

Caleb Curtis & Walking Distance
April 6th 2015, Smalls Jazz Club – New York, NY
April 24th 2015, ShapeShifter Lab – Brooklyn, NY

Helen Sung
February 13th 2015, Walt Disney Concert Hall (w/ Terri Lyne Carrington) – Los Angeles, CA
February 14th 2015, Miner Auditorium SFJazz (w/ Terri Lyne Carrington) – San Francisco, CA
February 15th 2015, Chan Centre For The Performing Arts (w/ Terri Lyne Carrington) – Vancouver, BC, Canada
February 18th & 19th 2015, Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola (w/ T.S. Monk Sextet) – New York, NY
February 26th 2015, Smoke Jazz Club (w/ Carolyn Leonhart Quartet) – New York, NY

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