The Jazz Hole

Premiere DateApr 6, 2014
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
01:14 Shardana Francesco Marcocci Quintet (featuring Dave Liebman)
13:09 Mundo Piedra Sofia Rei
16:37 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
17:00 De Tierra Y Oro Sofia Rei
22:16 Song for Alma Rale Micic (featuring Tom Harrell)
28:19 Firmin Sylvie Bourban
31:27 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
32:48 88 Strong Javon Jackson
36:57 Quick Remark George Mel
43:20 Form And Shape Akira Ishiguro
51:34 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
53:08 Buleria Alex Brown (featuring Paquito D'Rivera)
61:54 Finish

The Jazz Hole with Linus, today with the Francesco Marcocci (featuring Dave Liebman), Javon Jackson, Alex Brown (featuring Paquito D’Rivera) and many others.

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Francesco Marcocci Quintet (featuring Dave Liebman) – Shardana
Album: Folklorico
Francesco Marcocci (b), Dave Liebman (fl, ss), Godwin Louis (as), Leo Genovese (p), Damion Corideo (perc) and Willy Rodriguez (d)

Sofia Rei – Mundo Piedra
Album: De Tierra y Oro
Sofia Rei (voc, bck voc, loops), Eric Kurimski (semi-acoustic g), Jorge Roeder (e-b) and Yayo Serka (d, perc, loops with dust remover spray, bells & breaths)

Sofia Rei – De Tierra y Oro
Album: De Tierra y Oro
Sofia Rei (voc, bck voc, loops), Eric Kurimski (g), Jean-Christophe Maillard (e-g, spanish g), Jorge Roeder (b), Yayo Serka (d, perc), Malika Zarra (bck voc) and Josh Deutsch (flh)

Rale Micic (featuring Tom Harrell) – Song For Alma
Album: Serbia
Rale Micic (g), Tom Harrell (tp, flh), Bob Reynolds (ts), Sean Conly (b) and Gregory Hutchinson (d)

Sylvie Bourban – Firmin
Album: Aussi pour les petits, Vol. 2
Sylvie Bourban (voc), Juan Andres Ospina (p, rhodes), Ignacio Hernandez (g, bouzouki), Petros Klampanis (b), Andres Rotmistrovsky (e-b), Pablo Eluchans (d), Marcelo Woloski (perc), Mika Mimura (vib, xyl), Magda Giannikou (acc), Hadar Noiberg (fl), Linus Wyrsch (cl), Curtis Stewart (violin), Matt Holman (tp), AJ Lewis (tb) and Romaine Delacretaz (choriste)

Javon Jackson – 88 Strong
Album: Lucky 13
Javon Jackson (ts), Joel Holmes (p), Corcoran Holt (b) and McClenty Hunter (d)

George Mel – Quick Remark
Album: Stream of Consciousness
George Mel (d, g, voc), Enrique Haneine (p), Apostolos Sideris (b), Rodrigo Ursaia (ts – right) and Michael Eaton (ts – left)

Akira Ishiguro – Form And Shape
Album: Beautiful Round
Akira Ishiguro (g), William Tatge (p), Pablo Menares (b) and Rodrigo Recabarren (d)

Alex Brown (featuring Paquito D’Rivera) – Buleria
Album: Paquito D’Rivera presents Alex Brown – Pianist
Alex Brown (p), Warren Wolf (marimba), Ben Williams (b), Eric Doob (d), Pedro Martinez (perc) and Paquito D’Rivera (as)

Sofia Rei
April 13th 2014, Cornelia Street Cafe – New York, NY
May 4th 2014, Jazz at the Firehouse @ Zumix – Boston ,MA

Rale Micic
April 19th 2014, Why Not Jazz Room – New York, NY
April 26th 2014, Bar Next Door – New York, NY
April 30th 2014, Why Not Jazz Room – New York, NY

Javon Jackson
April 6th 2014, Hartford Club – Hartford, CT
April 15th – 20th 2014, Village Vanguard – New York, NY

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