The Jazz Hole

Premiere DateJan 26, 2014
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus (Gene Harris Quartet Blues Closer)
02:00 Morgentanz Olivia Trummer
11:49 Jenny's Waltz Mike Garson
15:52 Until Tomorrow Harvie S/Kenny Barron
20:30 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
21:27 Sonia Braga Harvie S/Kenny Barron
27:12 I'm A Nurse, I'm An Engineer Nick Hempton Band
31:40 Nobody Knows Olivia Trummer
37:01 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
39:12 Sweets Olivia Trummer
45:47 TJ Javon Jackson
53:07 The Jazz Hole with DJ Linus
54:12 Gene Harris Quartet Blues Closer
61:34 Finish

The Jazz Hole is turning 5 today! Enjoy music by Gene Harris, Javon Jackson, Harvie S and Kenny Barron, Olivia Trummer and many others.

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Gene Harris Quartet – Blues Closer
Album: Live In London
Gene Harris (p), Jim Mullen (g), Andrew Cleyndert (b) and Martin Drew (d)

Olivia Trummer – Morgentanz & Sweets
Album: Poesiealbum
Olivia Trummer (voc, p), Matthias Schriefl (tp), Antonio Miguel (b) and Bodek Janke (d)

Mike Garson – Jenny’s Waltz
Album: Conversations With My Family
Mike Garson (p), Bob Magnuson (b) and Gary Novak (d)

Harvie S/Kenny Barron – Until Tomorrow & Sonia Braga
Album: Witchcraft
Kenny Barron (p) and Harvie S (b)

Nick Hempton Band – I’m A Nurse, I’m An Engineer
Album: Nick Hempton Band
Nick Hempton (as), Art Hirahara (p), Marco Panascia (b), Dan Aran (d)

Olivia Trummer – Nobody Knows
Olivia Trummer (voc, p), Johannes Lauer (tb), Martin Gjakonovski (b) and Bodek Janke (d)

Javon Jackson – TJ
Album: Lucky 13
Javon Jackson (ts), Joel Holmes (p), Corcoran Holt (b) and McClenty Hunter (d)

Olivia Trummer
January 26th 2014, Jazz Standard – New York, NY
January 27th 2014, The Cutting Room – New York, NY
February 8th 2014, erholungshaus Bayer – Leverkusen, Germany
February 12th 2014, Schloss – Ettlingen, Germany
February 16th & 17th 2014, Konzerthaus – Berlin, Germany

Harvie S/Kenny Barron
February 6th 2014, Tribeca Performing Arts Center – New York, NY
February 7th 2014, Wilton Library’s Brubeck Room – Wilton, CT

Javon Jackson
February 7th 2014, Concert – Rahway, NJ
February 16h 2014, Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival – Rockville, MD
Febrary 18th – 20th 2014, Blue Note Jazz Club – New York, NY

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