Premiere DateJun 7, 2020
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with Linus
01:45 Forth Nutria
08:30 Tremont, ME Nutria
12:49 Same Song Kari van der Kloot
18:28 The Jazz Hole with Linus
21:10 Caution Kari van der Kloot
28:03 An Answer Arrives Unheeded; Job's Lament Dan Loomis
29:04 Do Not Cover My Blood Dan Loomis
36:28 The Jazz Hole with Linus
38:30 Buchfink Lina Allemano
43:09 Geröstet Peanut Lina Allemano’s Ohrenschmaus
48:04 The Jazz Hole with Linus
51:32 3 Nicholas Krolak
61:37 Finish

This week’s episode of The Jazz Hole brings you sounds from the New Orleans band Nutria (Byron Asher, Trey Boudreaux and Shawn Myers), the Canadian-born, NYC-based vocalist and composer Kari van der Kloot, NYC bassist and composer Daniel Loomis (whose musical roots lie in the historic jazz town of Saint Louis, Missouri), Toronto and Berlin based Canadian trumpeter and composer Lina Allemano, and finally, from the Philadelphia-based bassist and composer Nicholas Krolak.

Nutria – “Forth” & “Tremont, ME”
Album: Meeting In Progress
Byron Asher (ts, cl, b-cl, composer “Tremont, ME”), Trey Boudreaux (b) and Shawn Myers (d, composer “Forth”)

Kari van der Kloot – “Same Song” & “Caution”
Album: The Architects
Kari van der Kloot (voc), Lisanne Tremblay (vio, bck voc), Jamie Reynolds (p, syn, bck voc), Gary Wang (b) and Nathan Ellman-Bell (d)

Dan Loomis – “An Answer Arrives Unheeded; Job’s Lament” & “Do Not Cover My Blood”
Album: Job’s Trials – A Jazz Song Cycle
Dan Loomis (b), Yoon Sun Choi, Song Yi Jeon (voc), Jeff Miles (g), Jared Schonig (d) and Daniel Breaker (narration, voc)

Lina Allemano – Buchfink
Album: Glimmer Glammer
Lina Allemano (tp, mutes & materials)

Lina Allemano’s Ohrenschmaus – Geröstet Peanut
Album: Rats and Mice
Lina Allemano (tp), Dan Peter Sundland (e-b) and Michael Griener (d)

Nicholas Krolak – 3
Album: Voice = Power
Nicholas Krolak (b), Tim Brey (p), Jon Katz (as), Elliot Bild (tp) and Gusten Rudolph (d)

Grammy-award winner Linus Wyrsch is one of New York City's most sought-after clarinetists and saxophonists. Full of passion for jazz, Brazilian and Latin music, the Swiss native maintains a busy performance and…