Philippe Lemm

Premiere DateMar 28, 2021
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with Linus
02:16 Entering Utopia TuneTown
05:38 Billyish TuneTown
09:24 Sycamore TuneTown
15:51 The Jazz Hole with Linus
18:52 The Kiln Philippe Lemm Trio
25:44 Interview with Philippe Lemm, Part I
34:38 Kalief Philippe Lemm Trio
39:54 Interview with Philippe Lemm, Part II
52:42 Outro
53:53 Malambo Philippe Lemm Trio
61:13 Finish

On today’s episode of The Jazz Hole, interview guest Philippe Lemm talks about “First Steps” by the Philippe Lemm Trio (released via Outside In Music), consisting of Philippe Lemm on drums & percussion, Angelo Di Loreto on piano and Jeff Koch on drums. The new album by the NYC-based Dutch drummer, percussionist and composer Philippe Lemm is centered around his unique background in dance, but it also happens to be pianist and composer Angelo di Loreto’s last studio recording before his tragic passing last Fall. Philippe Lemm took the time to talk about the beautiful music as well as the sad tragedy. The other trio featured on today’s ensemble is TuneTown, which pools the creativity of three of Canada’s top jazz improvisers: Kelly Jefferson (saxophones), Artie Roth (bass) and Ernesto Cervini (drums, percussion and on bass clarinet). Their sophomore album is entitled Entering Utopia and just came out on Three Pines Records.

Angelo Di Loreto


TuneTown – “Entering Utopia”, “Billyish” & “Sycamore
Album: Entering Utopia
Kelly Jefferson (ts, ss), Artie Roth (b, composer of “Entering Utopia” & “Sycamore”) and Ernesto Cervini (d, perc, composer of “Billyish”)

Philippe Lemm Trio – “The Kiln” & “Kalief”
Album: First Steps
Philippe Lemm (d, perc, comp) , Angelo Di Loreto (p), Jeff Koch (b) and Simon Moullier (vib)

Philippe Lemm Trio – Malambo
Album. First Steps
Philippe Lemm (d, perc) , Angelo Di Loreto (p, comp) and Jeff Koch (b)

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