Old World, New World

Premiere DateSep 22, 2019
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with Linus
02:40 Improvisation in C Major Christoph Irniger Pilgrim
04:14 Point of View Christoph Irniger Pilgrim
12:11 Voa Sofia Ribeiro
17:26 The Jazz Hole with Linus
19:09 Lunga Sofia Ribeiro
24:03 Uprising Jonathan Saraga
33:27 The Jazz Hole with Linus
35:07 The Great Journey Jonathan Saraga
45:57 As She Wonders TuneTown
51:51 The Jazz Hole with Linus
53:25 The Mayor TuneTown
55:21 Finish

Listen to more from tracks from “Crosswinds” by Christoph Irniger Pilgrim (lead by Swiss saxophonist and composer Christoph Irniger), “Lugna” by Portuguese-born vocalist and composer Sofia Ribeiro, “Journey To A New World” by trumpeter, composer and Manhattan native Jonathan Saraga and “There From Here” by the Toronto-based collective TuneTown (Kelly Jefferson, Artie Roth and Ernesto Cervini) – all on today’s brand new episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus.

Christoph Irniger Pilgrim – “Improvisation in C Major” & “Point of View”
Album: Crosswinds
Christoph Irniger (ts), Stefan Aeby (p), Dave Gisler (g), Raffaele Bossard (b) and Michi Stulz (d)

Sofia Ribeiro – Voa
Album: Lunga
Sofia Ribeiro (voc, comp), Juan Andrés Ospina (p, bck voc, whistle, comp, arr), Petros Klampanis (b), Marcelo Woloski (perc) and Vitor Gonçalves (acc)

Sofia Ribeiro – Lunga
Album: Lunga
Sofia Ribeiro (voc, bck voc, comp), Juan Andrés Ospina (p, bck voc, arr), Petros Klampanis (b, bck voc, arr), Marcelo Woloski (perc), Vitor Gonçalves (acc), Eleni Arapoglou, Juana Luna, Lara Bello and Lauren Chaplain (bck voc)


Jonathan Saraga – “Uprising” & “The Great Journey”
Album: Journey To A New World
Jonathan Saraga (tp, arr), Remy Le Boeuf (as), Aki Ishiguro (g), Chris Pattishall (p, rhodes), Rick Rosato (b) and Kenneth Salters (d)

TuneTown – “As She Wonders” & “The Mayor”
Album: There From Here
Kelly Jefferson (ts, ss), Artie Roth (b, composer of “As She Wonders”) and Ernesto Cervini (d, perc, composer of “The Mayor”)

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