Leave off, Pick Up

Premiere DateJan 12, 2020
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with Linus
01:44 The Shape of Noon Michel Maurer Meridian
04:55 Distortion Michel Maurer Meridian
12:06 Mermaid Island Jenna Marie Pinard, Jay Yoo
17:47 The Jazz Hole with Linus
20:01 Polaroid Jenna Marie Pinard, Jay Yoo
23:46 Reckoning Jason Yeager
28:47 Seeing You Behind My Eyes Petros Klampanis
36:06 The Jazz Hole with Linus
38:12 Round Shot (for Cannonball) Andy Ballantyne
42:25 Not With A Wimp But A Banker (for Paul Desmond) Andy Ballantyne
50:10 The Jazz Hole with Linus
51:21 Wet Hair, Dry Air Andrew Schiller Quintet
57:53 Finish

On today’s episode of The Jazz Hole, Linus is picking up where he left off a few weeks ago. There were so many great jazz releases in 2019 that it was hard to play it all, so finally the time has come to go back and check out some more music from 2019, such as Michel Maurer Meridian’s “The Shape of Noon”, Jenna Marie Pinard and Jay Yoo’s “Here, Now”, Jason Yeager’s “New Songs Of Resistance”, Petros Klampanis’ “Irrationalities”, Andy Ballantyne’s “Play On Words” and the Andrew Schiller Quintet’s “Sonoran”.

Michel Maurer Meridian – “The Shape of Noon” & “Distortion”
Album: The Shape of Noon
Michel Maurer (d), Alex Levine (g), Peyton Pleninger (ts) and Ben Rolston (d)

Jenna Marie Pinard & Jay Yoo – “Mermaid Island” & “Polaroid”
Album: Here, Now
Jenna Marie Pinard (voc, co-composer “Polaroid”) and Jay Yoo (g, composer “Mermaid Island”, co-composer “Polaroid”)


Jason Yeager – Reckoning
Album: New Songs Of Resistance
Jason Yeager (p), Fernando Huergo (e-b), Mark Walker (d), Farayi Malek (voc) and Matthew Stubbs (cl, b-cl)


Petros Klampanis – Seeing You Behind My Eyes
Album: Irrationalities
Petros Klampanis (b, glockenspiel, voc), Kristjan Randalu (p) and Bodek Janke (d, perc)

Andy Ballantyne – “Round Shot (for Cannonball)” & “Not With A Wimp But A Banker (for Paul Desmond)”
Album: Play On Words
Andy Ballantyne (ts, as, cl), Rob Piltch (g), Adrian Farrugia (p), Neil Swainson (b) and Terry Clarke (d)


Andrew Schiller Quintet – Wet Hair, Dry Air
Album: Sonoran
Andrew Schiller (b), Ethan Helm (as), Tony Malaby (ts), Hery Paz (b-cl) and Matt Honor (d)

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