I'll Never Go Back to Georgia

Premiere DateJun 21, 2020
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with Linus
03:52 Yayoi Sebastien Ammann’s Color Wheel
10:42 Resilience Sebastien Ammann’s Color Wheel
16:28 Fast Lane Convergence, Florian Arbenz
23:28 The Jazz Hole with Linus
26:10 Ambar Convergence, Florian Arbenz
31:13 Catch-22 Yulia Musayelyan
38:19 Unsaid Yulia Musayelyan
44:03 The Jazz Hole with Linus
46:36 Ran Dayna Stephens Trio
51:52 Kwooked Stweet Dayna Stephens Trio
57:18 The Jazz Hole with Linus
58:52 Miss Météo Manteca
65:21 Finish

Tune in to The Jazz Hole this week as Linus spins tracks from the brand new album “Resilience” by Sebastien Ammann’s Color Wheel and new music from the cross-continent collaboration “Convergence” (with Florian Arbenz and the Vistel Brothers). More fantastic music on today’s episode comes from flutist and composer Yulia Musayelyan’s new album “Unsaid”, plus a selection from the Dayna Stephens Trio album “Liberty” and a track from “Augmented Indifference” by Manteca, Canada’s leading musical ambassadors.

Sebastien Ammann’s Color Wheel – “Yayoi” & “Resilience”
Album: Resilience
Sebastien Ammann (p, fender rhodes), Michaël Attias (as), Samuel Blaser (tb), Noah Garabedian (b) and Nathan Ellman-Bell (d)

Convergence (Florian Arbenz) – “Fast Lane” & “Ambar”
Album: Converrgence
Florian Arbenz (d, composer “Fast Lane”), Jorge Vistel (tp), Maikel Vistel (ts, composer “Ambar”), Nelson Veras (g), Jim Hart (vib) and Rafael Jerjen (b)

Yulia Musayelyan – “Catch-22” & “Unsaid
Album: Unsaid
Yulia Musayelyan (fl), Maxim Lubarsky (p), Fernando Huergo (b) and Mark Walker (d)


Dayna Stephens Trio – “Ran” & “Kwooked Stweet”
Album: Liberty
Dayna Stephens (saxes), Ben Street (b) and Eric Harland (d)


Manteca – Miss Météo
Album: Augmented Indifference
Doug Wilde (kbds, comp), Matt Zimbell (congas, talking d, voc, comp), Art Avalos (d, perc), Colleen Allen (ww), Charlie Cooley (d), Mark Ferguson (tb, b-tb, vib), Will Jarvis (b, e-b), Nick Tateishi (g), Steve McDade (tp, flh), Lucas Choi Zimbel (acc, voc) and Lyne Tremblay (voc)

Grammy-award winner Linus Wyrsch is one of New York City's most sought-after clarinetists and saxophonists. Full of passion for jazz, Brazilian and Latin music, the Swiss native maintains a busy performance and…