Basement Stage

Premiere DateJun 2, 2019
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with Linus
01:48 ESD Alex Fournier
08:37 Permanently Hiccups Alex Fournier
21:55 The Jazz Hole with Linus
24:39 Gospel Gebhard Ullmann, Basement Research
28:20 Shifting Tonalities: Impromptu #3 Gebhard Ullmann, Basement Research
34:23 Dark Matter Romain Collin
40:45 The Jazz Hole with Linus
42:39 Gold Romain Collin
47:22 Gratitude Greg Abate, Tim Ray Trio
54:56 The Jazz Hole with Linus
57:02 In The Stratosphere Greg Abate, Tim Ray Trio
62:30 Finish

Today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus begins with tracks from “Triio” by Toronto-based bassist and composer Alex Fournier, who blends the contrast between through-composition and total freedom of expression. Then follows a selection from “Impromptus and Other Short Works” by the Berlin-based world citizen woodwind player and composer Gebhard Ullman and his group Basement Research, a balancing act between Europe and America that blends modern jazz and contemporary compositional methods. After that, some heavily nuanced arrangements from “Tiny Lights…” by the French-born composer and pianist Romain Collin, that explore haunting existential questions through sonic experimentation. Finally, the show closes with straight-ahead hard bop from “Gratitude” by the phenomenal New England-based woodwind specialist Greg Abate with The Tim Ray Trio.

Alex Fournier – “ESD” & “Permanently Hiccups”
Album: Triio
Alex Fournier (b), Bea Labikova (as, fl), Aidan Sibley (tb), Tom Fleming (g), Ashley Urquhart (p, prepared p), Mark0 (d, perc)

Gebhard Ullmann, Basement Research – “Gospel” & “Shifting Tonalities – Impromptu #3”
Album: Basement Research – Impromptus and Other Short Works
Gebhard Ullmann (ts, b-cl), Steve Swell (tb), Julian Argüelles (bs), Pascal Niggenkemper (b) and Gerald Cleaver (d)


Romain Collin – Dark Matter
Album: Tiny Lights…
Romain Collin (p, moog laurus, voc eff), Matthew Stevens (e-g), Obed Calvaire (d, e-d), Kazuma Junnouchi (string arr) and The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Romain Collin – Gold
Album: Tiny Lights…
Romain Collin (p, moog laurus, voc eff), Matthew Stevens (e-g) and Obed Calvaire (d, e-d)


Greg Abate with the Tim Ray Trio – “Gratitude” & “In The Stratosphere”
Album: Gratitude: Stage Door Live @ The Z
Greg Abate (as, bs), Tim Ray (p), John Lockwood (b) and Mark Walker (d)

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