Architected Vortex

Premiere DateJul 19, 2020
Categories Jazz Music
00:00 The Jazz Hole with Linus
03:18 Mars Ricardo Grilli
09:21 Signs (Blues for Peter Bernstein) Ricardo Grilli
17:31 The Jazz Hole with Linus
19:31 Swimming Kari van der Kloot
27:46 Holding Pattern Kari van der Kloot
34:41 Vortex Itaca 4et
39:38 The Jazz Hole with Linus
41:09 The Third Murder Itaca 4et
44:59 Unsaid Yulia Musayelyan
50:43 The Jazz Hole with Linus
53:04 Numbers Yulia Musayelyan
56:52 Finish

Hear more music from three new records that host Linus introduced on The Jazz Hole in recent weeks: flutist and composer Yulia Musayelyan’s new album “Unsaid”, vocalist and composer Kari van der Kloot’s new album “The Architects” and ITACA 4et’s new album “Vortex”. Plus, a selection from the brand new album “1962” by the Brazilian-born, NYC-based guitarist and composer Ricardo Grilli. With his 2016 release 1952, Ricardo chose to begin his own story in the year of his father’s birth, a date that also coincided with the dawn of the Space Age and the height of bebop in New York City. With his inviting yet evocative follow-up, 1962, Grilli shifts perspective by leaping forward to a new starting point: this time, his mother’s birth year. Get the full album on

Ricardo Grilli – “Mars” & “Signs (Blues for Peter Bernstein)”
Album: 1962
Ricardo Grilli (g), Mark Turner (ts), Kevin Hays (p), Joe Martin (b) and Eric Harland (d)

Kari van der Kloot – “Swimming” & “Holding Pattern”
Album: The Architects
Kari van der Kloot (voc), Lisanne Tremblay (vio, bck voc), Jamie Reynolds (p, syn, bck voc), Gary Wang (b) and Nathan Ellman-Bell (d)


Itaca 4et – “Vortex” & “The Third Murder”
Album: Vortex
François Houle (cl, composer “The Third Murder”), Nicola Fazzini (as, composer “Vortex”), Alessandro Fedrigo (b) and Nick Fraser (d)

Yulia Musayelyan – “Unsaid” & “Numbers”
Album: Unsaid
Yulia Musayelyan (fl), Maxim Lubarsky (p, fender rhodes), Fernando Huergo (b) and Mark Walker (d)

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