(IN)Excess Week Edition

Premiere DateAug 16, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 Intro
01:23 Stillwood Yu Miyashita
06:24 Latatan Yu Miyashita
10:46 Zest Yaporigami
13:45 Lunar Steps Yaporigami
19:18 Break
21:27 Syukyou Ryo Fugimoto
22:37 23 iSH Kyoka
26:38 Niji Denki Groove
37:23 People Are Changing Keita Sano
42:57 Break
45:07 Megitsune BABYMETAL
49:10 Astroboy feat. Honey B & W-Trouble- FEMM
53:03 Fxxk Boyz Get Money FEMM
56:06 Outro
58:44 Finish

This week we decided to be awesome. If you want to just get weird, then we’ve got Femm all cued up for you. Two girls that look like school girls who are supposed to be mannequins. That’s Femm. Shhhh, don’t tell Kraftwerk that someone else is pretending to be Mannequins. We also feature Yu Miyashita aka Yaporigami. Want a little more Kyoka in your life? Cool! We have that too.




Yu Miyashita

Host Hanabi
Hanabi is a man of two faces, in two places. He's originally from Minneapolis MN. But a wayfarer's spirit and his parents had him seeking solace in the sunnier climes of California. Hanabi currently resides in…