Fall Week Edition

Premiere DateSep 20, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 Intro
02:10 Monster Big Bang
05:47 Finger Elephant Gym
10:41 Hibi no neiro Sour
14:26 Break
16:59 Kyoteizinc Omodaka
20:22 Ant Keita Sano
26:08 HaDue Kyoka
30:13 Break
33:37 Farenheight Young Juvenile Youth
38:18 More For Me More For You Young Juvinile Youth
43:09 Maledict Car Jemapur
46:24 Ada First Yaporigami
50:10 Dane Time
54:39 Finish

Don’t hate, but we may have snuck a Taiwanese band in this week. We occasionally like to keep people on their toes and guessing. Sometimes we get crazy and throw a K-Pop, or HK-Pop band in just for fun. Anyway, this week we thought you deserved some tracks from bands like Sour, also more from Kyoka and the cleverly named Young Juvenile Youth.

Oh, and check out this video mix from Kyoteizinc




Young Juvenile Youth

Host Hanabi
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