Japanese Super Terrific Happy Hour

Premiere DateNov 16, 2014
Categories Media Music
00:00 Intro
02:00 Twilight Acid Mothers Temple
08:50 Pathetique 1 Fushitsusha
13:40 7 toku getterrobo g Space Streakings
17:52 Break
20:25 Radiant Historia Original Soundtrack
23:47 Ignite Aoi Eir (SAO)
27:48 Cosmic Adventure Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro
30:51 Tokyo Zero Hearts Faylan
34:45 Break
37:25 Ocean Rilf
43:20 Jupiter Nyantora
47:10 Dead Sea Nyantora
48:57 Bound Letters Minamo
58:30 Outro
59:15 Finish

Super Terrific Happy Hour
DJ Hanabi
Get It Over With Edition!

There is music. It’s from Japan. Deal with it! It’s the music:


Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro

Acid Mothers Temple

Host Hanabi
Hanabi is a man of two faces, in two places. He's originally from Minneapolis MN. But a wayfarer's spirit and his parents had him seeking solace in the sunnier climes of California. Hanabi currently resides in…