Week of 10/17/16

Premiere DateOct 17, 2016
Categories Jam Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
00:33 Glider Tycho
05:20 The Flower Man Rubblebucket
10:15 Ascent Arjun ft. Cory Henry
16:52 Mic Break
17:27 A Fire I Kept ALO
22:47 Division Tycho
26:42 Off Time Chorus Line Keller Williams
29:57 Shadow Of Doubt Mike Montrey Band
35:20 Know It Too Well The Motet
39:20 Mic Break
39:55 Home Again The Congress
42:15 Epoch Tycho
47:57 Hillbilly Heroine Chic Charlie Hunter Trio
52:47 Together Always Spiritual Rez
56:42 Receiver Tycho
60:59 Finish
There are few bands that Jam Session host Laura Goldfarb will travel to different states in the same week to see back-to-back. One is Phish, and the other is Tycho.  After catching Tycho in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, she’s officially in love with their new album, Epoch. Sprinkled throughout today’s episode are four tracks from the new Tycho album, which is out now.  We’ve also got new tunes from Arjun, Spiritual Rez, The Congress, and The Motet.
Epoch – new album from Tycho
Tycho – photo from Mues
The Motet – photo from On The DL
The Congress – photo from The Congress
Laura was host of the long-running Jam Session podcast until 2019.