Week of 06/20/16

Premiere DateJun 20, 2016
Categories Jam Music Rock
00:00 Laura Goldfarb
01:04 Phyllis Lettuce
07:51 Laura Goldfarb / Lettuce Interview at Bonnaroo
11:55 Trilogy Lettuce
18:54 Silverdome Lettuce
23:44 Laura Goldfarb
24:12 Hypnotic DJ Logic
28:31 Laura Goldfarb / DJ Logic Interview at Bonnaroo
37:29 Happening Now Kyle Hollingsworth
42:15 Tail Dragger Widespread Panic
47:02 Laura Goldfarb
47:54 On The Rise Eric Krasno
52:32 Crazy For Your Love Charles Bradley
56:47 Rosie The String Cheese Incident
62:39 Finish

Truly the BEST episode of the year! Interviews with Lettuce and DJ Logic straight from Bonnaroo. Plus, the latest single from Eric Krasno. Big thanks to the artists and their teams for making these interviews possible, to Phil Galitzine for his editing assistance, and to Bonnaroo, Mason Jar Media and Big Hassel.

Eric Krasno / Photo from Eric Krasno

Lettuce / Photo by NOCOAST

DJ Logic / Photo from DJ Logic

DJ Logic & Laura Goldfarb / Photo from Laura Goldfarb

Laura was host of the long-running Jam Session podcast until 2019.