Wakin’ Up on New Years in Buena Vista Park

Premiere DateJan 6, 2020
Categories Jam Music Rock
00:00 Show Opening
00:44 Episode Intro
01:24 Amaterasu Joss Jaffe
07:08 Mic Break
08:03 War Machine Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad
11:18 Ride on Pony Umphrey’s McGee
15:17 Mic Break
16:45 Old Fashioned American Babies
20:15 Goddamn American Babies
24:23 Mic Break
25:31 Terre Haute Blues Joe Marcinek Band
32:59 Summer Pudding Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet
41:49 Mic Break
43:37 Seven Deadly Sins (Live) Daemon Chili
51:03 Just Remembered Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe
60:51 Episode Outro
61:15 Finish

I woke up in 2020 in Buena Vista Park. Buddha Lounge vibes poured my coffee. Skedaddle guitar tied my bolo. The sounds of Brooklyn Streets unblurred my vision. Organ and brass lit my cigarette.

Kory French is the Founder and Principal of Emily Consulting, a consulting company that leads start-up and early-stage companies in everything from concept development to strategic planning to scaling and exit…