Royal Potato Family Meal

Premiere DateOct 1, 2018
Categories Jam Music Rock
00:00 Mic Break
01:01 In The Afternoon Tomorrow Marco Benevento
04:47 DVS Mike Dillon
09:49 Gypsy Tea Improvisation Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
18:13 Mic Break
18:56 Posthuman Robert Walter’s 20th Congress
29:25 Bullseye Blues American Babies
33:11 Mic Break
33:48 Awake decker.
38:50 Jennacosta Skerik’s Bandalabra
43:57 Stranger Things A Big Yes & a small no
48:17 Mic Break
49:11 Djyali Chris Lightcap
54:59 Call My Name Seth Walker
62:09 Finish

This week we’re checking in with our homies at record label Royal Potato Family. They’ve got a bunch of new music to share with us including Jam Session newbies Chris Lightcap, decker., and Robert Walter’s 20th Congress, who all have new albums out! From experimental and jazz to vibey singer/songwriter tunes and funky grooves, the Royal Potato Family always serves up a nice helping of unique sounds that beautifully redefine the jam scene.

Laura was host of the long-running Jam Session podcast until 2019.