R&B Stands for Rhythm and Beautiful Sounds

Premiere DateMay 25, 2020
Categories Jam Music Rock
00:00 Show Opening
00:42 Episode Intro
02:41 When It Was Wrong The California Honeydrops
06:10 Smooth Sailin' Leon Bridges
09:09 Mic Break
10:08 So High (Live) The Motet
16:02 Right Here (Live) Keller Williams
22:36 Watch the Fuzz Zestrove
26:45 Mic Break
28:12 about her. again. Son Little
31:56 Everybody Gets the Blues Sometimes Achilles Wheel
35:44 Crescent Roll Joe Marcinek Band
42:33 Pull Out the Matches Mike Montrey Band
45:48 Mic Break
47:32 Long Way The California Honeydrops
52:56 When You’re Gone Sonny Knight & The Lakers
57:27 Episode Outro
57:52 Finish

Two words: California. Honeydrops. Inspired by the great R&B N’awlins sound (they’re actually from Oakland, CA) of Lech Wierzynski, Ben Malament, Johnny Bones, Lorenzo Loera and Beau Bradbury, today’s episode of Jam Session is all about soul, rhythm, and beautiful sounds.

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