More Organ

Premiere DateFeb 3, 2020
Categories Jam Music Rock
00:00 Show Opening
00:43 Episode Intro
01:29 Bay of Funky Kingsley Durant
06:00 Mercy Boogie Joe Marcinek Band
12:38 Mic Break
14:27 Great Minds Drink Alike Altered Five Blue Bands
18:23 Slanky Kingsley Durant
23:37 Hambela Amendola Vs. Blades
29:09 Mic Break
31:00 Faraway Planet Chris Lightcap
36:07 Atticus Mike Montrey Band
42:44 Mic Break
45:20 Crossroads SixFoxWhiskey
51:40 Oh Ya SixFoxWhiskey
60:06 Episode Outro
60:30 Finish

It started out with Kingsley Durant. Listening to his new album put me into an organ blues trance. Once the train got rolling, it couldn’t be stopped. Durant led me to Marcinek. Marcinek led me to Amendola. Amendola led me to Mike Montrey and Chris Lightcap. If you like long organ solos and blues-jams, this episode is for you.

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