Jam Session

Premiere DateOct 15, 2012
Categories Jam Music Rock
00:00 DJ Laura Jam Session
00:29 ICB – Sons of the Late DC
04:55 McGuffin – Acorn Project
11:51 DJ Marcus Portrait of a Comedian
12:13 New School – Alma Afrobeat Ensemble
20:05 DJ Laura Jam Session
20:46 Task Master – Alma Afrobeat Ensemble
26:24 Catch Her in the Red – The Indobox
33:04 Beneath The Roses – Sons of the Late DC
37:07 The Everwinding Road – Aaron Williams Band
41:30 DJ Laura Jam Session
42:01 Action and Luck – Aaron Williams Band
47:40 Lamine’s Tune (Live) – Toubab Krewe
55:05 Indian Moon (Long View Farm) – State Radio
60:49 Finish

DJ Laura
Jam Session

Introducing more new artists this week, including Sons of the Late DC, Aaron Williams Band, and one of the most fun groups to ever grace this show, Alma Afrobeat Ensemble. Turn it up and get some dancing room ready – this one’s gonna make you move!

Sons of the Late DC (Photo from Sons of the Late DC)
No dates currently scheduled

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble (Photo from AAE)
No dates currently scheduled

Aaron Williams Band (Photo from AW Band)
No dates currently scheduled

Acorn Project (Photo from AP)
October 15 – Monroe, UT @ Mystic Hot Springs
October 19 – Crystal Bay, NV @ Red Room
October 23 – Sacramento, CA @ The Torch Club
October 25 – Berkeley, CA @ Starry Plough

Laura Goldfarb started her career in the music industry in 2006 as a host and producer with BTR. Her weekly show, Jam Session, reports to the Relix/Jambands Radio Chart. Laura is also the founder of music public…