Jam Session

Premiere DateMar 19, 2012
Categories Jam Music Rock
00:00 DJ Laura Jam Session
00:58 Big Wheel – The Bridge
06:50 Sanctuary – The Bridge
11:01 DJ Mr. Jason UK College Show
11:26 Diggin’ In The Cold Ground – The Bridge
16:56 Devil On Me – The Bridge
23:23 Lasting Hymm – The Bridge
29:21 Heavy Water – The Bridge
35:36 DJ Laura Jam Session
35:59 Easy Jane – The Bridge
40:05 Get Back Up – The Bridge
43:27 Brother Don’t – The Bridge
49:51 Angelina – The Bridge
54:50 DJ Laura Jam Session
55:14 New Mistake – The Bridge
60:17 Finish

DJ Laura
Jam Session

This week we’re featuring the late jam band The Bridge with 60 minutes of some of their best tunes. I share my Bridge stories, experiences and what turned me on way back in the day.

The Bridge (Photos by Alicia Rose, Sam Friedman)
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Laura Goldfarb started her career in the music industry in 2006 as a host and producer with BTR. Her weekly show, Jam Session, reports to the Relix/Jambands Radio Chart. Laura is also the founder of music public…