Teen Suicide and Animal Collective

Premiere DateMay 18, 2016
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00:00 Latola (music by Ohbliv)
01:32 Living Proof Teen Suicide
06:00 Latola (music by Boards of Canada)
12:03 Neighborhood Drug Dealer Teen Suicide
14:17 Latola (music by Candy Claws)
19:31 It’s Just A Pop Song Teen Suicide
23:33 Latola (music by Lor Snac)
28:18 The Stomach of the Earth Teen Suicide
32:51 Latola (music by Aphex Twin)
38:01 Pavement Teen Suicide
40:03 Latola (music by Bradford Thomas)
42:52 Natural Selection Animal Collective
51:55 Latola (music by Bradford Thomas)
53:02 Daily Routine Animal Collective
60:24 Finish

Today I talk about and play music from Teen Suicide and Animal Collective

It’s The Big, Joyous Celebration Let’s Stir The Honeypot

Teen Suicide

live at the Fonda Theatre 2016

Animal Collective

live at the Ritz 2016

Animal Collective

HOST Latola
Latola's first on-air gig was in 4th grade, doing the morning announcements. By 5th grade he'd decided he wanted to be a radio DJ -- radio DJs didn't have to pay for albums or concert tickets, and as any money he…