Tall Juan and Juan Wauters

Premiere DateOct 5, 2015
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00:00 Latola (music by Ohbliv)
03:21 Falling Down Tall Juan
04:42 Latola (music by CFCF)
09:24 She Might Get Shot Juan Wauters feat. Tall Juan
12:32 Latola (music by Miro Belle)
14:28 Another Juan Tall Juan
16:47 Latola (music by Miro Belle and the Upsetters)
30:08 Water Juan Wauters
33:23 Latola (music by Weird Inside)
36:11 Wearing Leather, Wearing Fur Juan Wauters and Carmelle
49:16 Latola (music by Bitchin Bajas)
52:58 Woodside, Queens Juan Wauters
55:33 Latola (music by Weird Inside)
58:05 As Ever Gemma
61:45 Finish
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Today I read aloud conversations w/reigning BTR Tune Up Artist Tall Juan and Juan Wauters and play music from both. Don’t forget Gemma’s As Ever is out this week!

Falling Down

Tall Juan

Nov 10 at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY

Wearing Leather, Wearing Fur

Juan Wauters

Who Me?

Juan Wauters

As Ever


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