Scout Boys and Amara Toure

Premiere DateJul 13, 2015
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00:00 Latola (music by Ohbliv and Tom Misch)
07:38 Spooky Basement Noises Scout Boys
10:41 Latola (music by Weird Inside)
19:03 I’m a Cactus, Fucking Kill Me Scout Boys
22:09 Latola (music by Casiokids)
22:56 720 Blaze It Scout Boys
26:32 Latola
29:50 Lamento Cubano Amara Toure
35:38 Latola
46:15 Salamouti Amara Toure
55:20 Cuando Llegare Amara Toure
59:48 Finish
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Today I read aloud a conversation with reigning BTR Tune Up artist Scout Boys. Plus music and knowledge regarding Amara Toure.

What if,  Like,  When We Die…

Scout Boys

What A Time To Be Alive

Scout Boys

1973 – 1980

Amara Toure

HOST Latola
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