Andy Stott and Eagulls

Premiere DateMay 4, 2016
Categories Media Talk
00:00 Latola (music by Ohbliv)
04:46 Butterflies Andy Stott
09:23 Latola (music by Aphex Twin)
17:02 Selfish Andy Stott
21:38 Latola (music by Aphex Twin)
22:49 My Life In Rewind Eagulls
28:23 Latola (music by Aphex Twin)
33:43 Skipping Eagulls
38:13 Latola (music by Lor Snac)
45:16 Lemon Trees Eagulls
49:47 Latola (music by Bradford Thomas)
50:38 Commuter Purple Gobby
53:19 Over Uneasy Spacin’
62:06 Finish

Today I talk about and play music from Andy Stott and Eagulls

Too Many Voices

Andy Stott



Commuter Purple


HOST Latola
Latola's first on-air gig was in 4th grade, doing the morning announcements. By 5th grade he'd decided he wanted to be a radio DJ -- radio DJs didn't have to pay for albums or concert tickets, and as any money he…