Shannon and the Clams and Tommy McCook

Premiere DateSep 16, 2015
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00:00 Latola (music by Ohbliv)
01:39 Point of Being Right Shannon and the Clams
04:38 Latola (music by Caribou and Rustie)
10:02 My Man Shannon and the Clams
13:23 Latola (music by Dilla)
18:21 You Let Me Rust Shannon and the Clams
22:06 Latola (music by Dan the Automator)
31:14 Gone By The Dawn Shannon and the Clams
34:21 Latola (music  by Ronnie Foster, Madlib and Donald Byrd)
41:56 Determination Skank Tommy McCook
45:42 Flute Instrumental Tommy McCook
50:04 From the South Side Tommy McCook
53:06 N'ga Digne M'be Amara Toure (BONUS SONG YALL)
58:10 Finish
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Today I read aloud a conversation with Shannon and the Clams and play music off their new album Gone By Dawn. Plus a taste of the new Tommy McCook reissue

Gone By The Dawn

Shannon and the Clams

The Sannic Sounds of Tommy McCook

Tommy McCook

HOST Latola
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