Gemma, Fly Anakin, Palehound, The Cleer Consortium and more

Premiere DateAug 5, 2015
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00:00 Latola (music by Ohbliv)
02:22 As Ever Gemma
06:03 Latola (music by Ohbliv)
09:55 Nothing Weird ThinLips
12:17 Latola (music by Ohbliv)
15:55 lovebug (let me fuck yo girl pt. iii prod. by ewonee) fly anakin
17:57 n%$#a like me feat. koncept jackson prod. by fly anakin fly anakin
20:59 outro feat. cameron butler prod. by nikobeats fly anakin
23:08 Latola (music by Bitchin Bajas)
26:40 KT 1 Circuit des Yeux
27:25 Do The Dishes Circuit des Yeux
31:01 Latola
34:12 Fantasize The Scene Circuit des Yeux
38:11 (music by Ohbliv)
41:07 Clearly Jazz The Cleer Consortium
47:16 Latola (music by Ohbliv)
49:52 Healthier Folk Palehound
53:07 Latola (music by user18081971)
57:09 MARCHROMT 30a Edit 2b 96 Aphex Twin
64:29 Finish
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Today I talk about and play music from Gemma, ThinLips, Aphex Twin, Circuits des Yeux, Fly Anakin, The Cleer Consortium, Falty DL and Palehound

As Ever


Divorce Year



Aphex Twin

Rich Prick Poor Dick

Falty DL

Cleerly Jazz

The Cleer Consortium

elsewhere avenue

Fly Anakin

In Plain Speech

Circuit des Yeux

Dry Food


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