Damaged Bug and Girl Band

Premiere DateJun 24, 2015
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00:00 Latola (music by Ohbliv)
03:12 What Cheer Damaged Bug
06:20 Latola (music by Rustie)
09:47 Cough Pills Damaged Bug
14:03 Latola (music by Rustie)
18:31 Jet In Jungle Damaged Bug
21:44 Latola (music by La Machine)
26:42 The Frog Damaged Bug
30:18 Latola (music by La Machine and Aphex Twin)
37:42 Transmute Damaged Bug
42:19 Latola (music by user18081971)
45:40 De Bom Bom Girl Band
49:27 Latola
53:12 Why They Hide The Bodies Under My Garage Girl Band
61:05 Finish
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Today I read aloud words from John Dwyer and play songs off the new Damaged Bug album, Hot Cold Plumbs. Plus music from Girl Band.

Cold Hot Plumbs

Damaged Bug

The Early Years EP

Girl Band

Jun 24 at Ottobar in Baltimore, MD
Jun 25 at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY
Jul 17 – 19 at Marlay Park in Dublin, Ireland
Aug 7 – Aug 8 at Micro Festival in Liege, Belgium
Aug 8 at Visions 2015 in London, UK
Aug 13 – Aug 16 at La Roue Du Rock in Saint-Malo, France
Aug 26 – Aug 28 at Pop Kultur 2015 in Berghain/Panorama Bar in Berlin, Germany
Sep 3 – Sep 6 at  Into The Great Wide Open 2015 in Vlieland, Netherlands

HOST Latola
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