In The Den

Premiere DateDec 17, 2014
Categories Media Talk
00:00 Latola
02:40 285 Kent Remix / Dan Deacon addresses the crowd / plays new songs (snippets)
10:03 Snookered Dan Deacon
18:05 Dan Deacon and Todd P start a dance party
25:22 Of The Mountains Dan Deacon
32:36 Dan Deacon enlists the crowd to utilize the Dan Deacon app
36:42 USA I (Is A Monster) Dan Deacon
41:16 Alas the set ends
42:14 House music is… NFL theme?
43:20 Ava Luna play Water Duct and Crowns at 285 Kent
51:26 Ava Luna says goodbye to 285 Kent
52:38 DJ Dog Dick plays one last song and says goodbye to 285 Kent
56:20 Latola
57:15 Memory Bank Leapling
61:11 Finish
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In this encore edition of In The Den from January 22nd, 2014, revisit one of the last nights at the Brooklyn DIY venue 285 Kent (RIP). Dan Deacon, Todd P, Ava Luna and DJ Dog Dick star.

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Dan Deacon


Jan 15-Jan 18 at Mona Foma Festival in Hobart, TAS, Australia
Jan 22 at The Aurora in Sydney, NXW, Australia
Jan 24 at Sugar Mountain Festival in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Electric Balloon art

Ava Luna


Mar 16 at King’s in Raleigh, North Carolina

Memory Bank art



no shows listed

The Life Stains art

DJ Dog Dick


no shows listed

Host Latola
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