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Premiere DateApr 16, 2014
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00:00 Latola
03:03 Nile Douglas Dare
07:40 Conversation with Douglas Dare
22:28 Scars Douglas Dare
27:10 Conversation with Douglas Dare
38:35 Whelm Douglas Dare
40:23 Conversation with Douglas Dare
66:41 Swim Douglas Dare
71:20 Goodbye
72:46 Finish
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Today Douglas Dare is In The Den to talk about his new album Whelm, which will be coming out on May 12th via Erased Tapes

(“Whelm” art)

Douglas Dare


Apr 17 at The English-Speaking Union in London, UK
Apr 19 at Concertgebouw in Bruges, Belgium
Apr 26 at Tivoli in Copenhagen, Denmark
Apr 30 at Karlstorbahnhof in Heidelberg, Germany
May 2-3 at Rival Consoles / Lev Festival in Gijon, Spain
May 8- May 10 at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, UK
May 16 at Birthdays in London, UK
May 17 at Gigant in Apeldoorn, Netherlands
May 19 at Jaz E.v in Rostock, Germany
May 20 at Huset in Copenhagen, Denmark
May 21 at Nachtasyl in Hamburg, Germany
May 22 at Feinkostlampe in Hannover, Germany
May 23 at at Franz Mehlhose in Erfurt, Germany
May 24 at Les Nuits Botanique in Brussels, Belgium
May 25 at Zaal 3 in The Hague, Netherlands
May 26 at Roter Salon in Berlin, Germany
May 27 at Atomic Cafe in Munich, Germany
Jul 12 at Open Source Festival in Dusseldorf, Germany

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