In The Den

Premiere DateDec 5, 2011
Categories Media Talk
00:00 Intro
00:28 Latola introduces the Thanksgiving Remix...
01:27 BTR First Thanksgiving (in depth remix)
17:55 Beaten Metal Antibalas
23:48 Latola talks of the Remix...
24:27 Filibuster XXX Antibalas
36:20 Love Cry Four Tet
45:33 The Little Death (In Five Parts) Colourmusic
56:08 Latola says goodbye...
56:58 New String Bantum
61:53 Finish
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Episode 267…

Finally! It’s the In Depth Remix of BTR’s First Thanksgiving! 17 minutes of aural lunacy!

(“Security” art)



no shows planned, BOOOO

(press photo)



no shows planned (they just finished a November tour of the UK ya’ll)

(“There Is Love In You” art)

Four Tet


Dec 9th at Warehouse Project in Manchester, UK
Dec 11th at ATP in Minehead, UK
Dec 21st at Low End Theory in Los Angeles, CA
Dec 30th at Smart Bar in Chicago, IL

(“Lay Lay” EP art)



no shows planned

Host Latola
Latola's first on-air gig was in 4th grade, doing the morning announcements. By 5th grade he'd decided he wanted to be a radio DJ -- radio DJs didn't have to pay for albums or concert tickets, and as any money he…