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Premiere DateOct 10, 2011
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00:00 Latola talks of things...
02:04 Characterful BARB
04:58 Interview with Johhnie Cluney of Daytrotter...
09:07 Genesis Justice
12:49 Interview with Johnnie Cluney of Daytrotter...
17:23 Top Drawer Man Man
20:48 Interview with Johhnie Cluney of Daytrotter...
26:52 Like A Pen The Knife
33:05 They Are All Dead There Are No Skip At All - Leyland Kirby
43:41 Latola talks of Johnnie Cluney and Steve Jobs...
48:24 Floating Hands White Birds
51:01 Bee Hive White Birds
54:26 Rubaczech Burnt Friedman vs. Konono No.1
59:48 Finish
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Episode 251…

Features a conversation with Johnnie Cluney: Artist and Graphic Designer for Daytrotter (amongst other things)

(“White Birds” art)

White Birds


Oct 19 at The Basement in Nashville, TN
Oct 20 at Zanzabar in Louisville, KY
Oct 21 at The Bishop in Bloomington, IN

(press photo)

Leyland Kirby


no shows planned

(“Trad-Mods vs Rockers” art)

Burnt Friedman vs. Konono No.1


no shows planned

Host Latola
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