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Premiere DateAug 24, 2011
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00:00 Latola talks of CRIKEY Earthquakes in New York City, and Le Blorr...
03:59 Earthquake Deerhunter
09:00 Boy, You Need Jesus Le Blorr
12:51 Conversation with Le Blorr outside the Cameo Art Gallery...
17:36 Seven Sisters Le Blorr
21:54 Conversation with Le Blorr outside the Cameo Art Gallery...
26:20 Sky Thief Le Blorr
31:28 Conversation with Le Blorr outside the Cameo Art Gallery...
36:09 My Blushing Grape Le Blorr
38:16 Latola talks of Le Blorr...
43:55 I Got A Nicholas Jarr
48:05 Our Luv Africa Hitech
56:40 Latola says goodbye, and talks of contests...
58:48 Hallelujah I've Been BLORRN Again Le Blorr
63:56 Finish
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Episode 237…

…Features a conversation with Le Blorr from last night, recorded  before their excellent set at the Cameo Art Gallery, in Brooklyn, New York. Check Le Blorr’s new video for “Boy You Need Jesus” right here.

(I took this picture last night, on the corner of N. 6th Street and Bedford Avenue, in Brooklyn, New York. Awesome, right?)

(“Bim Bom” art)

Le Blorr


Aug 24 at Sole East (Hotel) in Montauk, NY
Aug 25 at Sole East (Hotel) in Montauk, NY
Aug 27 at St. Augustine Amphitheater in St. Augustine, FL
Sep 3 at Identity Festival in Mountain View, CA
Sep 4 at Identity Festival in San Bernadino, CA
Sep 6 at The Central in Santa Monica, CA
Sep 7 at The Saloon in Encinitas, CA
Sep 9 at Adobe Gilas in Orlando, FL
Sep 10 at Sports Page in Satellite Beach, FL
Sep 24 at Black Water Festival in Live Oak, FL

(“93 Million Miles” art)

Africa Hitech

No shows planned

(“Space Is Only Noise” art)

Nicholas Jarr

No shows planned

(“Halcyon Digest” art)



Aug 25 at Cosmic Charlie’s in Lexington, KY
Aug 27 at Lou Fest in St. Louis, MO

HOST Latola
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