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Premiere DateJul 20, 2011
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00:00 Latola talks of the new album from Colourmusic, and then introduces his Fitness Mixtape Breakdown
04:36 Put In A Little Gas Colourmusic (F, Monday, Orange, February, Venus, Lunatic, 1 or 13)
08:44 Latola talks of his special headband, for helping stay fit...
10:13 The Lisbon Maru Fuck Buttons
18:25 Latola talks about mountains, and The Lisbon Maru...
19:33 That's What People Told Me Frankie Rose and The Outs
21:58 A quote from Frankie Rose...
22:56 Latola talks about that quote from Frankie Rose...
24:11 Biz's Beat Of The Day Biz Markie (from Yo Gabba Gabba)
24:48 Latola and Phil tell the Thermos / Silverfish story, and then Latola talks about Shaking Hand...
30:37 Shaking Hand Women
35:34 Latola explains the beauty of Beaten Metal (the room cleared for it)...
36:55 Beaten Metal Antibalas
42:41 Latola tells the story of the Puerto Rican Hulk Hogan, and Quantum Leap...
44:59 Quantum Leap John Maus
47:54 Latola talks of Liars, a new segment idea, and the song Clear Island...
49:00 Clear Island Liars
51:44 Latola gets interrupted by a phone call, but still introduces Toxic Revenge
51:55 Toxic Revenge Shannon and the Clams
54:20 P Phillip the DJ Wynn
55:00 Phil tells the story behind a song he made, about a cat named Piangi...
59:16 P Phillip the DJ Wynn
59:48 Latola has the perfect song, to act as your gym outro theme, by the name of Spring Song...
63:00 Spring Song Colourmusic
65:54 Finish
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Episode 227…

(working things out)

…Features the secrets behind the perfect, 42 minute Stairmaster playlist. Latola details his workout mix from the other day, with explanations behind each song selection. Plus, anecdotes about the Puerto Rican Hulk Hogan, a funny event involving silverfish and a Thermos,  and the story behind a cat-related song DJ Wynn recently made…

(pic taken from

Who would have thought a song named after a freighter sunk in WW II (the Lisbon Maru)would make for such a fitness-inspiring song?

(“Tarot Sport” art)

(official “We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves” art)

John Maus


Jul 22 at Milhoes De Festa in Barcelona, Spain
Jul 24 at Alexandra Palace in London, UK
Aug 7 at Off Festival in Katowice, Poland
Aug 10 at Terraneo Festival in Sibenik, Croatia

(“F, Monday, Orange, February,Venus, Lunatic, 1 or 13″ art”)


(“Security” art)



Sep 4  at DMB Caravan in George, WA
Oct 27 at 9:30 Club w/MMW in Washington, DC
Oct 28 at Electric Factory in w/MMW Philadelphia, PA
Oct 29 at Terminal 5 w/MMW New York, NY

(“Sleep Talk” art)

Shannon and the Clams


07/23/11 at Metro Opera House in Oakland, CA
07/29/11 at Kensington Club in San Diego, CA
08/05/11 at Pizza Fest in Seattle, WA
08/06/11 at Plan B in Portland, OR
08/07/11 at Wow Hall in Eugene, OR
08/10/11 at Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz, CA
08/11/11 at Luigi’s Fungarden Pizza in Sacramento, CA
08/12/11 at Total Trash Fest in OAKLAND, CA
08/13/11 at Blue Star Bar in Los Angeles, CA
08/15/11 at Til Two Club in San Diego, CA
08/19/11 at The Compound in Provo, UT
08/20/11 at Total Fest X w/ The Trashies in Missoula, MT
08/21/11 at Trashies the Rendevous in Seattle, WA
09/23/11 at Goner Fest in Memphis, TN

Host Latola
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