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Jean -Nessim aka Ness born in 1969 in France, already started at
the age of 13 years old to spend most of his free time behind
record players, supported by his father, (then, head of Cultural
Heritage of UNESCO).

He became the selectors of his Father, but also for his grand father
Jean Drouant on birthdays occasions or other family reunion in his
grand Father Prestigious Manoir home in Fontainebleau, he was very
close to his grand Father who encouraged him to pursue music while
training him as a cook , sharing the cooking secrets of the french

Culture and diversity were dominant in the house where Ness in
addition to his daily duties had the duty to return his feelings by
writing on books or a vinyls once a week..

After three years learning bass and playing percussion with renowed
star in France by the name Matthieu Chedid aka ‘M’ in a Funk Band
called ‘The Freebies’, his father pushed him more towards African
music and he became the student of Pap M’Boup (Super Diamono Dakar)
and later on in Cambridge University , he was with Sagar n’gom , the
cousion of Omar Pene.

He was playing evryday music and even had the chance to tour with the
Reggae Band ‘Misty In Roots’ with his girlfreind at the time on Piano.

On the eve of his 18 th birthday he decided to co-produce the Yugo
Samba Dieng at La Cigale for his debut EP ‘Wayogo’ (AB Productions),
he likes to call ‘Yugo’ the George Benson of African Music , formely
thye Guitarist of the very Famous French based african band called
‘Xalam’ concert at La Cigale.

He then studied radio techniques in Winchester in England which led
him to be a trained Radio DJ and host for local and Hospital radio in
the city of Winchester, and later he hosted a radio show on the DUB
Jamaican Show and African music in Portobello Road called ‘Dread
Broadcast Radio’.

This passion for vinyl and Afro became more relvant and he started
to collect music of the African Diaspora on the format of Vinyl eager
to Listen and study any recording linked with African or Arabic

There wasn’t a day he wouldn’t either buy or discover a new record,
this became almost lile a ritual that over shadow his education.

To this day i feel the power of music has enable me to escape somehow
from the system, all my life events where awlays linked with Music
even when i wasn’t expecting it.

One early morning when coming back from his regular Friday Parties in
Paris called ‘Peace Familly’ , the natinal army was waiting for him so
that he could do his obliged Military Service in Gap (South of
France),it was his grand Father that gave the adress to the police
because music at the time was taking over evrything that his grandson
was doing.

Back in France around the age of 20 Years, he is head of Global Pulse
sound a sound system that serves as a group instrumentral Dady Nuttea,
Uncle David and Don Lick Shot can be found quickly band manager of
Fusion Funk Paris Xaymaca (Sandra N’kaké) and programmer for 5 years
for mythical evenings “What’s Up” which hosted Young Disciples,
Jamiroquai, Galliano, Omar, Beastie Boys, Gilles Peterson, Money Mark
to name a few.

In 1998 he became Dj Ness following the meeting of 2 Bal 2 Neg, French
rap group, which he was the manager for 2 years.

He will wait with them the record of French Underground Hip Hop at
that time and the 1 st succees a large group with more than 200,000
Independent examplaires sold.

The list of the many collaborations that impertinent human chameleon
is much too long to cite but he has worked with The Fugees, the Roots,
Supernatural, Uncle Imani, Nittin Sawhney, Natacha Atlas………
it output as a producer or executive producer five albums in France,
the latter being the album ‘Na oil’ with Martin Meissonier for Seun
Kuti and Egypt 80 in 2009.

Today, Dj Ness continues to cultivate his first love: the Afro and
vinyl by becoming the resident DJ at the Bellevilloise evenings Afro
Beat No Limit then in 2009 he joined the team of DJ Star magazine Wax

Last Year he released rare recordings of Big Youth, Spectacular for
the War and Marcus Garvey EP featuring Bob Marley & The Wailers on
his label Get Up And Think, as well as a 7 inch of Isdeen and a
compilation on CD called ‘ Soul Reggae Covers’ on Potatoes Records.

Finishing Aissa Gaelle 7 inch for release this summer, he is also
working on the ‘Afro Express’ record called ‘Salam Aleikum set for mid
September worlwide ‘ this LP is a testament of Tolerance between
Africans and the Arab World in 1976, and will have a deep Impact on
the Afro Culture world wide.

‘ In a world ruled soon by our machine and our own robots , people
might not have the time to read anymore but they can hear very well
and music is the real news’

DJ Ness 2012

His MySpace:

Afrika Rythm 70’s is his First Record Store in Africa located in Porto Novo
he trained Rastas facinated by African Culture for three months
trvaelling with them in Benin in search of rare African Records , he
discovered in Ganvier (A shelter Island away from Slavery Days) a
Record called Afro Express :

Discographie :
Samba yugo Dieng Maxi 5 Titres ( Xalam ) : 1985
-Rap Attitude 2 Label Noir Compil 1989
-Xaymaca Plateforme Album 1990
-Messa G (Gary Mudbone Cooper & Michael Clip Hampton of P-Funk/
Parliement ) Maxi Média 7
-2 Bal 2 Neg ‘3 fois plus Efficace’ Pias
-Fire Toungue ‘Wayo Dey Bring War’ Nocturne
-Marcus Garvey & Hailie Sellassie Vinyl 10 Pouces Get Up & Think Socadisc
-Aicha Kouyaté ‘Waiko’ Get Up and Think
-Anegy Afrobeat (Afro Beat No Limit ) Get Up And Think

He is also a confirmed proffesional Producer of many Afro live acts in
Paris and the biggest Afro Beat parties called Afro Beat No Limit.

List of Artists he has worked with or for :
Franck Biyong
The Fugees
The Nubians
Sandra N’Kake ,
The Souljazz Orchestra,
Lack Of Afro,
Jungle by Night,
Seun Kuti and Egypt 80

Comme convenu je t’envoie les infos sur la soirée Spécial Hip Hop du 4
Mai dans un nouveau lieu à Paris sur la Place Stalingrad ‘La Rotonde’

SWPP12 Line Up de la soirée :

-UNCLE IMANI (Pharcyde/L.A.)

-KALHEX (FR) avec ROB O (INI/Pete Rock NY)

A écouter avec attention le prochain Maxi du collectif parisien des
Très jeunes Kalhex
(Prise de son de Rob O par Kev Brown et mixé par Parental) :

Meredith is a DJ/producer born and raised in Staten Island, NY. She was always a collector of vast amounts of music and grew up listening to all styles, from Afrobeat to hip-hop to reggae. Growing up in the big…