July 2015 Edition

Premiere DateJul 26, 2015
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00:00 I Wonder Where You Are Tonight (with Michael Daves) Tony Trischka
03:24 Belated Wedding Hoedown / Angeline Baker (with Aoife O'Donovan) Tony Trischka
07:28 Great Big Wold / Purple Trees of Colorado Tony Trischka
14:36 The Danny Thomas Tony Trischka
19:37 DJ Moguls (with Glaring Lights Tokimonsta)
20:43 A Song for Bass and Banjo Grandpa's Cough Medicine
23:09 Every Critter in the County Grandpa's Cough Medicine
26:01 Mama Played the Bass Grandpa's Cough Medicine
29:06 Respect the Shine Grandpa's Cough Medicine
31:18 DJ Moguls (with Glaring Lights Tokimonsta)
32:00 Hearland Waltz Downtown Mountain Boys
35:58 Ridin' on the L&N Downtown Mountain Boys
38:42 Going Home Downtown Mountain Boys
42:08 Things In Life Downtown Mountain Boys
45:51 DJ Moguls (with Glaring Lights Tokimonsta)
47:05 Kansas City Railroad Blues Rob McCoury
50:13 Sugar Creek Rob McCoury
52:57 Reggae Hour DJ Drew
53:17 Siempre Rob McCoury
57:43 John Henry Rob McCoury
60:38 Finish

Welcome to another edition of the Green Mountain Bluegrass Hour. Thanks for joining me, DJ Moguls, here at Break Thru Radio. You’ll hear Tony Trischka, Michael Daves, Grandpa’s Cough Medicine (very funny), The Downtown Mountain Boys and Rob McCoury Rob McCoury. Guess what, they’re all out on tour right now! Scroll down through the playlist for the detailed tour dates including location, detailed pictures and detailed playlist information including end time for the show (spoiler alert, it’s 60:38) by scrolling down through the playlist. Thanks for joining us here at BTR!

Michael Daves / Photo from Jessi Carter
Every Tuesday / Rockwood Music Hall (sometimes with guests)-NY, NY
First Mondays / First Monday Bluegrass Jam/Rockwood Music Hall-NY, NY

Grandpa’s Cough Medicine / Photo from outlawbluegrass.com
Jul 26 / RockyGrass-Lyon’s CO
Aug 07 / Flask & Cannon-Jacksonville Beach, FL
Aug 08 / Sliders Seaside Grill-Fernandina Beach, FL

The DownTown Mountain Boys / Photo from downtownmountainboys.com
Jul 26 / Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival-Stevenson, WA
Jul 27 / Columbia Gorge Bluegrass Festival-Stevenson, WA
Jul 30 / St. Edward State Park-Kenmore, WA

Tony Trischka / Photo from tonytrischka.com/
Aug 03 / Targhee Music Camp-Alta, WY
Aug 04 / Targhee Music Camp-Alta, WY
Aug 05 / Targhee Music Camp-Alta, WY
Aug 06 / Targhee Music Camp-Alta, WY
Aug 07 / Grand Targhee Music Festival-Alta, WY
Aug 08 / Grand Targhee Music Festival-Alta, WY

Rob McCoury (playing with The Del McCoury Band) / Photo from Anthony Washington
Jul 26 / RockyGrass-Lyons, CO
Aug 01 / Blueberry Bluegrass and Country Music Festival-Alberta, CANADA
Aug 02 / Big Valley Jamboree-Camrose, Albert. CANADA
Aug 13 / North Carolina State Bluegrass Festival-Marion, NC
Sep 04 / Thomas Point Beach-Brunwick, ME

Host DJ Moguls
Audiophile. Ski bum. Bassist. DJ Moguls was raised in Vermont, but now lives in Brooklyn. He has been involved in the Vermont and NYC bluegrass scenes for more than eight years. Listen to the Green Mountain…