Week of 06/08/16

Premiere DateJun 8, 2016
Categories Media Music
00:00 DJ Madalyn
00:57 Calm Down The Galaxy Electric
04:34 Sonnier 1 You + Your D. Metal Friend
09:04 Elephants Bell Orchestre
17:55 What Wind Walks Up Above! - Jacaszek
22:30 DJ Madalyn
22:54 Don’t Make Friends Kiran Leonard
32:16 Belt Of Foam Death Vessel
36:20 I Just Want to See You Underwater Here We Go Magic
41:04 DJ Madalyn
41:16 round again Circulatory System
46:48 Unconvincing Serenade Adrian Orange & Her Band
53:14 Fugitive & Vagabond The Mumlers
57:17 DJ Madalyn
57:45 Garden Of Pomegranates Old Time Relijun
59:45 Finish

Welcome to God Bless Weirdmerica! We’ve got a great lineup for you today- brand new music from The Galaxy Electric and You + Your D. Metal Friend, plus old favorites from Death Vessel and Here We Go Magic, and medium-new favorites from Kiran Leonard and Bell Orchestre. It’s all on the show today so make sure to stay tuned, and also sign onto Facebook and give BTR a like!

Kiran Leonard


Circulatory System

HOST Madalyn
Madalyn has been a DJ at BTR since 2008. Before that, she was a DJ at Swarthmore College's WSRN and Morristown High School's WJSV. She currently produces The Saturday Show and God Bless Weirdmerica, a show about…