Week of 05/25/16

Premiere DateMay 25, 2016
Categories Media Music
00:00 DJ Madalyn
00:28 Mochi Tenniscoats
03:35 It’s Beyond Me Vetiver
10:06 Your Hands Hold Home Timbre
18:16 En Papier These New Puritans
23:07 DJ Madalyn
23:29 Deep Temple Sun Araw
34:54 Nada Mudou Os Mutantes
40:08 Flat Foot Boogie dunklebunt
44:32 DJ Madalyn
44:52 Turned On Ecstatic Sunshine
48:25 Eusebius Sunwatchers
52:48 Stilla Obo
56:49 DJ Madalyn
57:26 The Eye Deradoorian
61:03 Finish

Happy Weird Wednesday! It’s God Bless Weirdmerica, and it’s time for another strange set of great music. This is the show where we play freak folk, New Weird America, psychedelic and any songs that just don’t a genre, like our friends on the show today dunkelbunt. We’ve also got a very psychedelic track from Sun Araw, and some dreamy pop folk from Deradoorian. And don’t forget to follow BTR on Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and SoundCloud.




Host Madalyn
Madalyn has been a DJ at BTR since 2008. Before that, she was a DJ at Swarthmore College's WSRN and Morristown High School's WJSV. She currently produces The Saturday Show and God Bless Weirdmerica, a show about…