God Bless Weirdmerica

Premiere DateJun 27, 2012
Categories Media
00:00 DJ Madalyn
00:31 Bells Quintron
06:57 Ghost Of Books Avey Tare
11:41 Solid Ground Megafaun
16:30 Wolves and Wolverines Old Time Relijun
20:45 DJ Madalyn
21:16 Misty Kate Bush
34:28 Shelia Atlas Sound
37:57 Dark Arts Man Man
41:39 DJ Madalyn
41:54 You Do Mutilate? Of Montreal
48:41 Teardrops Mahjongg
51:46 Death Rattles Woods
55:08 DJ Madalyn
55:34 Bird On Your Grave Marissa Nadler
60:36 Finish

It’s the very last God Bless Weirdmerica in June, and we’re celebrating by playing some really great, weird music.  Oh wait, that’s what we do every week? Well that’s only because there’s so much great music to share.  Check out Kate Bush, Of Montreal, Marissa Nadler, and so many more on the show today.  And don’t forget to follow BTR on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.

(Photo courtesy of Quintron)
June 27 – Blank Club – San Jose, CA
June 28 – The Crepe Place – Santa Cruz, CA
June 29 – New Parish Music Hall – Oakland, CA
June 30 – Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA
July 2 – The Jambalaya – Arcata, CA

(Photo courtesy of Megafaun)
August 3 – Puschenfest – Berlin, Germany
August 4 – OFF Festival – Katowice, Poland
August 6 – Ampere – Munich, Germany
August 7 – Beatpol – Dresden, Germany

Marissa Nadler

(Photo courtesy of Marissa Nadler)
August 11 – 1794 Meetinghouse – New Salem, MA

HOST Madalyn
Madalyn has been a DJ at BTR since 2008. Before that, she was a DJ at Swarthmore College's WSRN and Morristown High School's WJSV. She currently produces The Saturday Show and God Bless Weirdmerica, a show about…