God Bless Weirdmerica

Premiere DateJan 11, 2012
Categories Media Music
00:00 DJ Madalyn
00:31 Deep Temple Sun Araw
11:55 O Careca Os Mutantes
15:46 DJ Madalyn
16:13 Misty Kate Bush
29:21 Stomper Julian Lynch
32:28 Then and Now Young Man
39:30 DJ Madalyn
39:40 Loon Song Mountain Man
43:38 Lone Star Mirah
45:59 Seeplymouth Volcano Choir
52:41 DJ Madalyn
53:12 I Think I Can Animal Collective
60:22 Finish

It’s the first God Bless Weirdmerica of 2012!  May this year be fantastic and filled with the weirdest music we can imagine.  Also, for BTR updates make sure that you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Young Man
(Photo courtesy of Young Man)

January 12 – Fatty Arbuckles – Shreveport, LA
January 13 – Alabama Music Box – Mobile, AL
January 14 – Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
January 15 – Jack Rabbits – Jacksonville, FL
January 17 – Club Downunder – Tallahassee, FL
January 18 – The Social – Orlando, FL

Mountain Man
(Photo courtesy of Underwater Peoples)

January 28 – Laneway Festival – Brisbane, Australia

Animal Collective
(Photo by: Ethan Levitas)

Host Madalyn
Madalyn has been a DJ at BTR since 2008. Before that, she was a DJ at Swarthmore College's WSRN and Morristown High School's WJSV. She currently produces The Saturday Show and God Bless Weirdmerica, a show about…