Reborn & Rebigulated

Premiere DateApr 15, 2019
00:00 DJ Skymall
01:24 Arizona Dino Felipe
06:05 Peaks For Afield Ametsub
10:36 Life Raft For A Death Trip Tipper
14:38 DJ Skymall
16:39 Nibbnubb Karsten Pflum
19:10 307 33m15 Bogdan Raczynski
22:16 Forlorn Wolff Parkinson White
25:50 Sip Repetr Mtch
30:16 0717_12_lv1_rnd Grischa Lichtenberger
33:25 Metal Tho Thriftworks
37:27 Meta Marius Chwalek
40:55 DJ Skymall
42:37 Quander Tim Exile
50:58 Manifold Force Roel Funcken
53:30 Drug The Lake Pariah
55:38 DJ Skymall
56:31 More Fake Acoustics Cylobotnia
60:00 Finish

Annnnd Here We ARE!!!
So this week we are back, and I find myself slowly moving into my new space.
It’s always an adventure opening boxes of your own stuff, especially when you’ve been on the road for the past 9 months…
So this week’s show is about rediscovery and the excitment of a new view on life, or something awesome like that!
Alright,here we go.
This is the Glitch//IDM Show!!!

Host SkyMall
Ed Prence, aka Skymall, has hosted the Glitch-IDM show on BTR every Monday since 2008. Fun fact: Ed and Lottie, BTR's Music Director, not only went to high school together but also participated as seniors in…