Newtastic Overload!

Premiere DateNov 16, 2020
00:00 DJ Skymall
01:24 Just As Well (ghost)
06:50 Fleiter Loess
10:57 Dunes Ocoeur
15:02 DJ Skymall
17:23 Nidle rRine
21:03 Friction Tangent
25:37 Orbit Incomplete Monolake
30:51 Dash-40 Nundale
36:18 Astral Determination Tsone
39:25 DJ Skymall
42:05 Zvezda Diamat
46:34 Crimean Mountains Martin Nonstatic
51:48 Entcid (clip) Richard Devine
55:01 DJ Skymall
56:04 Vishnu Selm
60:00 Finish

This week’s show goes off!
We got tons of new music to play, and we’re going heavy into the glitch realm…
Other than that I’ll probably talk about my parent’s latest visit,
and drop some old-head rants on you all.
Alright, here we go!
This is the Glitch//IDM Show!!!

Host SkyMall
Ed Prence, aka Skymall, has hosted the Glitch-IDM show on BTR every Monday since 2008. Fun fact: Ed and Lottie, BTR's Music Director, not only went to high school together but also participated as seniors in…