Long, Winding, Endless

Premiere DateAug 31, 2020
00:00 DJ Skymall
01:24 Human Being Ykwo
04:39 The Date Huno Huno
10:43 Algorithm 4 Sleep Clinic
19:49 Anemap Richard Devine
25:08 DJ Skymall
27:56 I3 Ctrl Autechre
34:36 RanVOC Exm
40:24 Mothership Enoia
43:10 DJ Skymall
44:49 Mothership (Cont’d) Enoia
49:24 Ostz Ocoeur
54:48 DJ Skymall
55:47 Angular Mass Swarmm
60:00 Finish

Huge Show Today!!!
Welcome back again my friends.
This week we are going on a journey; multiple journeys actually.
We’re gonna focus on longer tracks that take you from where you are,
to where you didn’t know you wanted to be.
Other than that, we’ll talk about life n’ stuff!
So let’s do this right now…
This is the Glitch//IDM Show!!!

Host SkyMall
Ed Prence, aka Skymall, has hosted the Glitch-IDM show on BTR every Monday since 2008. Fun fact: Ed and Lottie, BTR's Music Director, not only went to high school together but also participated as seniors in…