Glitch IDM

Premiere DateJun 18, 2012
00:00 DJ Skymall
01:08 While My Cock Gently Sweeps – Com.A
04:55 Unicorn Suplex – Slugabed
07:53 Lucky Connor – Cristian Vogel
11:57 Gearknot Cherry Mouse on Mars
14:48 This Time Last Year – Chocolate Girl
17:50 50actionexpress Dorine Muraille
21:47 Afrika Gem – Pavan
24:06 Somno Last Step
27:03 Love 2 Nite Roska
32:29 All I Could Think Of Leaf Cutter John
35:56 Kyoto Station 6PM – Phon.o
39:28 Realize You Are Living Dead Himuro
42:50 Lulla Tadd Mullinix
48:07 Sheep Dip – Quinoline Yellow
52:49 Caves of Paradise Actress
55:11 Omsk Komet
60:00 Finish

Welcome to the grand 200th episode of Glitch/DM!!!
The show this week is going to focus on everything and every style. I recommend the best way to listen is to draw yourself a nice warm bubble bath and just drift away… So come along, let’s do this!

Roska . photo by Fraser Brown
Jul 05 2012  @  MERTON FARM  Canterbury, UK
Jul 13 2012  @  FABRIC  London, UK

Slugabed . photo by Richard Herbert
Jun 21 2012  @  BANK OF STOKES CROFT  Bristol, UK
Jun 22 2012  @  STARA RZEZNIA  Poznan, Poland

Phon.o . photo by Marco Microbi
Jul 13 2012  @  MELT! FESTIVAL  Grafenhainichen, Germany

Cristian Vogel . photo by MissNae

Host SkyMall
Ed Prence, aka Skymall, has hosted the Glitch-IDM show on BTR every Monday since 2008. Fun fact: Ed and Lottie, BTR's Music Director, not only went to high school together but also participated as seniors in…