Glitch IDM

Premiere DateJan 2, 2012
00:00 DJ Skymall
01:31 Sigh – Daisuke Tanabe
05:02 Mango Special – Professor Ojo
08:00 Yellow More New – Teebs
11:10 Toe Punt – Baconhead
14:04 Haumm – Protman
17:23 DJ Skymall
19:56 Pxlr 7 (rmx) – MusSck
20:24 Square Root of Funk – Defunkt Dialekt
25:02 Time Waits – Tipper
28:31 Karplus String Theory – Subjex
33:30 A2 – Darkside
37:55 Disco Zambra – Digi G Alessio
44:11 DJ Skymall
46:04 Potholes (mort) / Keachypeen – Mndsgn.
47:58 Until the is No End – Lorn
52:03 Keep Me There Nicolas Jaar
57:23 DJ Skymall
58:34 Deer Drop Forest – Daisuke Tanabe
60:00 Finish

So this is it, we are already one day into the new year, 2012 and it feels like a good one. So what better way to start it off than a really solid Glitch/IDM show? This week is definitely more glitchy but still with a little nod to the hip hopping backpackers amongst us. Please relax and enjoy.

I’ll see you on the other side…

Nicolas Jaar photo by Rene Passetti
Jan 15 2012 @ MELKWEG Amsterdam, Mexico
Jan 16 2012 @ PANORAMA BAR Berlin, Germany

Mndsgn photo by Patricia Miller
Feb 29 2012 @ GOLDEN PUDEL Hamburg, Germany

Subjex photo by Joek One

Daisuke photo by Rene Passetti

Host SkyMall
Ed Prence, aka Skymall, has hosted the Glitch-IDM show on BTR every Monday since 2008. Fun fact: Ed and Lottie, BTR's Music Director, not only went to high school together but also participated as seniors in…