This is it!!! Last show of 2013, and it's a thick and reflexive show. One to ponder the year past, the experiences past, and to melt that knowledge into future action... So let's get going on this final journey, right here on the Glitch/IDM show/// -ed-
Big, HUGE show today! I'm sure by now we are all feeling that end of the year, holiday madness floating all around us? And this show is going to take that energy and direct it back into your soul, in a positive way/// So let's get going. }}Glitch/IDM{{ -ed-
What's up my freezing friends! It's nearly winter over here, yet we decided to pull a fine group of warm tunes just for you. Other than that, it's just life bro. So let's go!!!
Hey Now! This week brings another bad-ass edition of the Glitch/IDM show, straight to your domepiece. We're gettin' a little funky, a lot IDMy, and a touch of spacey-float music to keep you in your altered state. So let's get on it///// for realllll!
Snow! This week we're gonna get all cold, yet beautiful. It's snowing like crazy up here in Pennsylvania, and so in honor of that we're doing the perfect nerdy soundtrack for such a day/// So let's get into it. |||Glitch/IDM|||
Hey duders! Ok, so the show this week is pretty light and bouncy. I figured you wouldn't want anything super intense because this is already going to be an intense week for most of us in the USA! So instead we're just gonna pour love and hope through the speakers, and out into the multiverse... let's go+ Glitch/IDMMMmmm
Back in town. again. This week is the beginning of my holiday-long stint in Pittsburgh, PA. And so to honor my home town, I have selected and group of weird, dark, yet surprisingly happy tracks! So let's get into it!!!
Just a groovin' hot show this week! No, for real. It takes its time and builds nicely, then quietly and lovingly sets you back down. doesn't that sound nice? --- |||Glitch/IDM|||
We're back this week with our usual grind of pure bliss. Also, we will get all philosophical and whatnot, just for you! so let's do it!!!!!!!!///// ^Glitch/IDM^
OK! So this week is my favorite week of the year. Halloween is upon us, and in honor of the best holiday we know, I have put together an extra scary and deeply dark show for y'all. So get your proton packs warmed up, cause it's the uber frightening HALLOWEEEEEEN edition of, Glitch/IDM...
What a badass week this is going to be! Ok, so more recently we have been sticking to a pretty pleasant and more chilled out type of show. But this week I decided to throw you guys into the belly of the four-eyed beast... So get ready for some heavy nerd action, mixed with lots of soul and flavor/// yes! {}Glitch/IDM{}
Cool, Cool, Coolio... Alright so this week on the show we're going into some Falltime fun! Breakin' out some 80's inspired synthy, 8 bit stuff and some big heavy jams that I'm sure y'all will dig. So let's get into/// ==Glitch/IDM==
Pretty bangin' big and bright show this week! I'm feeling the tracks we pulled and the mixes will be on-point, Soooo, get big with us, and take our hands... this is Glitch/IDM+++
Groovin' so deep this week! Ok, so last week we took it easy and brought you some nice cool Fall easy-time tunes. This week we are gonna be on a similar level, but kicked up just one more notch, so I think you'll really dig it. Alright, here we go everbody!!!
I think y'all are going to like this one... Ok, so the show this week is really inspired by our new friend, and my favorite season, Fall!!! So expect colorful, yet somber moods that will relax your body and stimulate your mind, or something/ Alright, let's do this! -Glitch/IDM-
I'm liking this one! Ok, so this week we are busting out some new tracks and hilighting the new Schematic Records comp, "Nourishment By Radio". Also I found some good old bangers from a few years back that you'll dig! So get into it/// Glitch/IDM
I'm pretty pumped on the show this week! We busted out some older stuff I found on hard drives past, and put together a tight hour of power. I think you're gonna really get into this one... OK, here we go! Glitch/DM
Yeahhhhhh. Get your labor on today!!! Because new life can only come from labor, today we are going to explore good old, birthing beats. This is definitely one of those shows to put on, and get stuff done around the house, to. Or if you want to curl up and enjoy your long weekend, we can do that too :) so let's go for it/// Glitch/DM
Here we go! Ok, so this week we are leaning more towards the IDM, melodic, yet dark side of things... So get ready for an hour of crunchy, synthy, organic goodness. one love. Glitch/DM
Feeling extra smooth this week... On this show we are gonna get super maxi-chillin'. A lot of nice grooves and cool moments to bring you into your best week ever! So let's get it in. Glitch/DM
Hey friends! This week we are gettin' dirty... but then brushing it off and cleaning up nice for ya. So don't worry about anything, we got it all covered. Ok, let's do this! Glitch/DM -ed
Totally Rad Show Today! So to celebrate my return from the darkness, we have put together a nice, happy, synthy hour of power for you... I think you'll dig this one. here we go!!! Glitch/DM -ed-
Welcome BAcK!!! This week on our awesome show we are bringing the intensity and the subtlety. We got some new stuff I think you'll be into, and of course, some of our old favorites... Other than that, we'll discuss life transitions and your spiritual journeys! ok, let's do it///// Glitch/DM -ed-
Feeling so hot this week! And to reflect that, we have a big bouncy show for you/// So this one, at times, feels like the songs are melting away, and at other times will be a head-knoddin' extravaganza of Summer love. So saddle up! It's the Glitch/DM showwwwwwwwwwwwwww. -ed-
hey HEY! Welcome back everybody; ok so the show this week is going to be a nice and lazy one. It's like background music for hot Summer's day, where you just want to do a whole lot of nothing. So if you're in the mood, you'll dig it! Here we gooooo/// Glitch/DM -ed-
Hey! Welcome back to you most favorite show ever... Ok, so this week is a pretty chill one but not too sleepy, just coooool. man. As always, we are dropping some new NEWness, but keeping it real with the oldies. So kick back, it's the Glitch/DM Show! -ed-
The show this week is all about triumphant returns! At least it is for me... So we will try our best to project that refreshing and exhilarating feeling out, and into your ears. Let's go! +Glitch/DM+ -ed-
Feeling that Rocky Mountain High this week!!! So the show this week is coming to you from the Colorado Rockies, and we're going big just like the mountains... So come along and get all up in that! Glitch/DM -ed-
Cold as ice this week... So on this show we are going to be pumping out the background, mind-melting jams. Nothing too intense, just some cool vibey stuff. So please enjoy! Glitch/DM -ed-
Oh boy... This week we are diving, head first, into some new stuff! All that summer time love we get from our favorite artists is coming around, and we are here to gather it up and project it out onto the world! So put on your thinking caps, it's the Glitch/DM show!!! -ed-
This is a real heart-felt show this week. We get pretty emotional and intense at times, but still keeping that super funtime edge! So let's just get into the sound... Glitch/DM -ed-
Big Week! Big Week! Ok, so today we are dropping some new stuff from some of your favorite nerdy IDM dudes. The overall tone is pretty nice for an intro to summer, it may be a little rainy still, but overall it's getting nice out// So let's get to it, and feel the warmth. Glitch/DM -ed-
Ok, here we go!!! The show this week isn't really bound to any particular style or sound. Instead it's a collection of feelings all in one place. I think you'll be able to dig it on the level that was (or was not) intended. Either way, It'll be good; promise :) Glitch/DM -ed-
Awwwww yeah! This week we're getting it on. Nothing fancy, just some good ole IDM music to spruce up your day. So let's do this... -ed-
Yeah! Good show this week, I'm feeling it. The focus is real synth-heavy on this one. So there's enough nostalgia mixed with super newness to attract all the heads. So get on it, and feel the warmth... Glitch/DM -ed-
Awesomeness is going to happen this week! I feel really good about this show; it wasn't super planned out beforehand, and the tracks are kind of all-over-the-place... but it works somehow? So get into the glitch! one love. -ed-
Welcome! This week on the show we're gonna get all "singy". Cause sometimes you just need that human element in your musical life? So let's get into it and go! -ed-
This one is for you. I know a lot of you are feeling the mid-April crunch today, so I put together a show that should ease you into a relaxed state. Although being totally relaxed for an entire hour is never good for anyone... So there are brief moments of insanity. But overall, a pretty deep, dark, chill show. thanks and he we go! Glitch/DM -ed-
Yo, yo! This week's show is pretty decent. It starts off kind of chill, but then brings you into a bassy and bouncy world of good vibes! So what's up;???? Glitch/DM -ed-
Yeah! I'm really feeling the show this week. Not that I don't always feel it, but this one is pretty dope. All I can say is you need to maybe shut off life for a minute and go somewhere with nice speakers, hit "play" and melt. Glitch/DM////////////// -ed-
Come along!.../// This week on the Glitch/DM show we are going to get a little dark, a little intense, and really technical. that is that. let's goooogoogoogo. -ed-
Welcome back! Ok, the show this week has its dark moments, and it's raving in-your-face moments. So get ready to do some light brain work today, and enjoy the serenity of the rest. Glitch/DM showWwwwwwWWWwww! yes. -ed-
Hello! So this week's show is all about the "I" part of IDM. This is a nerdy, yet still totally radio-friendly, type of show. I think y'all will dig it for sure. Other than that, we got good vibes and deep thoughts as usual. So plan on sticking around for the next hour, it's Glitch / IDM! -ed-
Welcome back! So this week on the show we are feeling a little strange. So we got a different kind of mood going on this one. I think you'll dig it, but if you have to get up to get a breath of fresh air, I understand. OK, let's do it! Glitch/DM -ed-
Yeah yo! Welcome back friends; this week on the Glitch/DM show we are just getting dirty and technical with it. But we're still gonna throw out the meaningful melodic vibes you all have come to know and love from us... So waste no time. here we go!!! -ed-
This week's show is going to sound like melting digital glitchy tarantulas... If you never experienced that before, stick around! Also, some new stuff from Autechre and Jamie Lidell!!! so let's go/// Glitch/DM -ed-
I'm feelin' pretty good about this week's show. We got a NEW Autechre track from their NEW album, Exai that we are going to play. We got some old classics to drop, and an array of wet oozing organic beats to drown in.... So let's get it! Glitch/IDM -ed-
Icy Cold show for your icy cold world this week! A couple of weeks ago we did an all analog show, so this week we are going digital. Think crackle, crunch, white noise, and all around weirdness. Channel your inner robot and enjoy./// -ed-
Aw yeah! We are feeling good this week and it's coming through nice bouncy. So get in with us and feel funk! This is the Glitch/DM showwwwwwwwwwww... -ed-
Yo, Yo, Yo! Ok, so this week there is a heavy focus on old school analog synths. You know, the modular kind with the wires everwhere, the big keyboard style ones with all the cool knobs, the stuff we see on ebay that you were bidding on until it suddenly jumps up $2000 in the last second... Yeah that kind of stuff. So get your space hat on, this is the Glitch/DM show_----___----_-___-- -ed-
First show of 2013! This week on the Glitch/DM show we have broken out a bunch of new tracks and new(ish) artists for you to absorb and make part of your future life. We will also talk about how awesome goals are, and life, and stuff. So get it on! and Glitch for your positive mind... -ed-