Happy Birthday

Premiere DateAug 27, 2016
Categories Indie Music
00:00 DJ Madalyn
01:24 my fair lady Of Montreal
05:45 That Doubt Returns Racing Heart
10:18 Gods in Heat Tobacco
13:39 Ballad Of Lil’ Kim Walter Schreifels
16:21 DJ Madalyn
16:42 Constantly Happy Dead Gaze
20:06 Christmas in Milwaukee Advance Base
23:25 Silver Morning Slow Club
28:14 Happy Ending Alex Cameron
32:12 DJ Madalyn
32:48 Girls FM Happy Birthday
35:45 Planet Birthday Beverly
38:55 Birthday Song For Bridgegirl Capybara
44:40 The Birthday Wars Oxford Collapse
46:53 DJ Madalyn
47:11 The Birthday Girl Nobunny
50:19 Happy Birthday Sujfan Stevens
53:04 The World’s Worst Birthday Gift The Silent Years
57:31 Yer Birthday Natural Child
60:37 Birthday Present Mirah
62:09 DJ Madalyn
62:24 Semantics The Mynabirds
66:41 Wing Walker Ancient Crux
69:44 King’s Blues Big K.R.I.T.
72:44 Palace (prod. Clams Casino) ASAP Rocky
75:25 Do It Again Guards
78:35 DJ Madalyn
78:55 Street Clothes Fool’s Gold
83:51 Leaving Dirty On Purpose
88:44 You’re Way With My Life Woven Bones
91:13 Outer Body Drifter Black Dice
96:50 I Am An Eye Machine No Joy
101:16 DJ Madalyn
101:31 Best Napkin I Ever Had Black Lips
104:05 Homemade Mountains Christina Vantzou
107:36 Take Us Back Mavis Staples
110:50 Ain’t That Cool Bodega Girls
116:59 DJ Madalyn
117:48 A Burning Soul Owen
121:18 Finish

This week we’ve got a lot of great new music from bands like Tobacco, Dead Gaze, and Slow Club.  Possibly the most exciting news is that there’s a new Of Montreal album, and it’s a total return to fun for them.  Plus, doesn’t it seem like the end of August is birthday central?  And there’s no other holidays in August!  That’s why we’re celebrating August birthdays on the show today, too.  And don’t forget to follow BTR on Facebook and give us a like!


Of Montreal


Racing Heart



Host Madalyn
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