Har Mar Superstar

Premiere DateOct 10, 2016
00:00 Intro
00:54 Introducing Har Mar Superstar
02:08 Youth Without Love (Best Summer Ever) Har Mar Superstar
05:16 Anybody's Game (Best Summer Ever) Har Mar Superstar
09:56 Lady You Shot Me (Bye Bye 17) Har Mar Superstar
12:55 Mic Break
13:14 Interview w/ Sean Tillman AKA Har Mar Superstar
32:22 Mic Break
33:03 Outro
33:35 Restless Leg (Bye Bye 17) Har Mar Superstar
37:14 How Did I Get Through The Day? (Best Summer Ever) Har Mar Superstar
40:40 Famous Last Words (Best Summer Ever) Har Mar Superstar
43:35 Prisoner ft. Fabrizio Moretti (Bye Bye 17) Har Mar Superstar
47:00 Finish


Yay, you’re back! Welcome to BTRtoday’s Discovery Corner podcast brought to you by, Levi’s.

Today we talk with Sean Tillman AKA Har Mar Superstar–a pioneer and decorated musician. His tunes and dance moves will have your heart leaping right out of your chest and partying there next to you. We chat about music, New York City, Tillman’s many talents in not only music, but also acting, writing, and so much more–so tune in!

Named after a particularly awful mall in Minnesota, Har Mar Superstar oozes with confidence and can get even the drabbest of parties started. His live sets are a riot, usually equipped with some sort of stripping, crying, laughing, and, of course, sweat pouring from the stage and the raging crowd!

His most recent album, Best Summer Ever, was released this past spring on Cult Records and has not disappointed. The tracks take you on a much needed emotional roller coaster. One track will take you up, while another will throw you around, and then there are tracks like “Youth Without Love” (produced by The Strokes‘ & creator of Cult Record’s Julian Casablancas), which will have you debating between crying in a corner or dancing ’till you drop (or both)!

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