Jeff The Brotherhood

Premiere DateSep 12, 2016
00:00 Intro
01:15 Introducing Jeff The Brotherhood
02:56 Zone Jeff The Brotherhood
05:35 Energy Jeff The Brotherhood
09:46 Punishment Jeff The Brotherhood
12:58 Juice Jeff The Brotherhood
14:53 Roachin Jeff The Brotherhood
16:43 Idiot Jeff The Brotherhood
20:06 Mic Break
20:28 Interview with Jake Orall from Jeff The Brotherhood
33:16 Mic Break
33:50 Outro
34:30 Ox Jeff The Brotherhood
37:47 Bad Jeff The Brotherhood
41:13 Habit Jeff The Brotherhood
45:28 Toasted Jeff The Brotherhood
48:55 You Jeff The Brotherhood
54:05 Portugal Jeff The Brotherhood
58:48 Finish

Yay, you’re back! Welcome to BTRtoday’s Discovery Corner podcast brought to you by, Levi’s.

This week we rave about the brother duo Jeff The Brotherhood–based out of the one and only Nashville, TN.

Jake and Jamin Orrall have been rockin’ out since they exited the womb. It all started as kids when their dad gave them a toy drum set and then improvised a home made two-string guitar. Sure, they used to just make noise and sing gibberish, but they’ve blossomed into the punk rock/garage band of your dreams!


They also started their own record company called Infinity Cat Records. It actually came into fruition when they were just in high school and wanted to release their own music–soon they started releasing others too! They’re constantly touring and releasing new tunes. Check out their latest “Zone” for a real rock’n’roll experience.

Make sure to follow them on those handy dandy social media pages to keep up-to-date on where they’re playing next and what their cookin’ up.

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