The Human Experience

Premiere DateJun 22, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 Introducing David Block
02:36 Caminando The Human Experience (feat. Rising Appalachia)
06:41 The Aftermath The Human Experience (feat. Subaqueous)
10:41 Chan Chan The Human Experience (feat. Ignacio Perez Borrell and Igor Rakuz-Izik)
17:00 Heavenly Bodies The Human Experience (feat. Johnne Perez)
20:38 Beads on the Wind The Human Experience (feat. Theo Brama and Kyrstyn Pixton)
25:00 Jazzzz In Ya Bones The Human Experience (feat. Pete Murano and eO)
29:40 Mic Break
30:22 Interview with David Block
55:06 Mic Break
57:38 Dusty Rose The Human Experience (feat. Ayla Nereo)
62:00 Oppression The Human Experience
67:40 Silent Hi Fi - The Human Experience (feat. SaQi)
72:40 Butterfly, The Metamorphosis The Human Experience
75:29 Dusty Rose (instrumental) The Human Experience
79:52 Beads on the Wind (instrumental) The Human Experience (feat. Theo Brama)
84:18 Finish

Photo courtesy of David Block

Hello and welcome to Discovery Corner on BTR!

David Block is not the easiest person to get a hold of. For weeks we engage in a cat-and-mouse series of correspondences. Outgoing calls and messages bounce off of satellites orbiting opposite sides of the planet–missing their mark by narrow windows.

“I’m in India,” he tells me over the phone before rescheduling.

Turns out the songwriter, live electronic music composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer (yes, all of those at once) just wrapped up a festival in Bali. He premiered one of his sets to an eclectic audience numbering in the thousands and representing close to 50 different countries.

As if that weren’t cool enough, the festival stage happened to be erected out of the remains of an ancient temple.

Nothing seems more fitting for Block, a musical nomad in the truest sense of the word. When we finally do catch up he shares some of his recent travels. A New Year’s concert in Central America, followed by a tour through Guatemala and a return trip to New York City are all but a few.

Block’s passion project The Human Experience is certainly transformational in its metamorphosis of styles, yet it also seeks to unify through a synthesis of seemingly disparate cultures. His most recent release via Jumpsuit Records, titled Embraced, features twelve original compositions each replete with its own unique collaboration. Traditional music from Latin America, South Africa, India, and many other regions are deftly cast into the mix through a series of musical guests that Block met while travelling.

But enough words, check out the tunes for yourself!

And don’t forget to check out the Discovery Artist feature on The Human Experience!


Upcoming Tour Dates

06/27/15 – Bug Surreal – Big Sur, CA
06/28/15 – Soultruistic Festival – Lake Isabella, CA
07/01/15 – Empire Control Room – Austin, TX